Berkshire County Public Records

Berkshire, England Public Record Office

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Address:Riverside Building, Borough hall, Bedford MK429AP

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+44 (0) 118 937 5132

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The history of our world is an important and fascinating subject. Research can now be done through the archives of the churches. Many important events were recorded and stored for future knowledge by the church. These stories and records have been gathered together and catalog so that the public can have access to them. It is like walking back in time when you can see the name of one of your family or read a story about your family that took place before you were born.

If you are searching for stories about the early years in England, the early politics, or your family heritage, this is the place to go. In their archives they have the Church of England Registries. They provide a guide to help you find census records of the returns, the reference, and the years 1841 through 1911 I. Checking the census for family names is fun and very exciting when you are able to locate them.

Certificates of births, marriages and deaths were recorded and kept. Directories of occupations, wills and testaments are available. You can also find records of Baptisms, Bands, and Licences. Burials and Memorial Inscriptions were also stored. imagine being able to read the inscription on your great great great grandmother’s memorial.

The military records are very helpful. They can be researched through a campaign, a military man’s name or war metals that were given to the millitary. Reliving this time in history through detailed stories and possibly pictures gives us a vivid picture of war.

Tracing your ancestry or doing research has been made easier with the help of the Berkshire England Public Record Office. All you have to do is provide a name, place or date and the information can be at your fingertips in minutes or days. Looking through the records and finding your family name, a story about your family and possibly pictures of your family is a wonderful experience.

If you travel to the Berkshire, England Public record office you will be amazed at all the information you will obtain. Being able to see the records, sometimes the original, is an opportunity to step back into the shoes of your relatives. Reading the wills and testaments will give you an idea of your family’s early start. You may find information on new and unknown people or places. Finding our roots gives us an understanding of where we started, how we made it through the years and who and where we are today.

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