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UK Information Obtained in a Reverse Phone Search

It is a consensus that getting a phone call from an unknown number can be a distressing and annoying experience. To identify the caller, you can look up the phone number on the White and Yellow pages. However, a Reverse Phone search is a more efficient tool that can substitute for the exhaustive process of sifting through the pages. Luckily, many online platforms offer this service for free. These websites allow you to check an unknown number in addition to identifying possible spam calls. You can also look up any number whether landline, international, or mobile.

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UK Reverse Phone SearchThe most popular website in the UK is Who-called. Upon entering the unknown phone number, the website directs you to a page of results containing the identity of the caller and overall statistics about the number. The statistics indicate the number of searches associated with the number and the average rate of calls made from it. An additional comment section can help you know if the call is a scam or spam call. In the comments, users can mention their experience with the caller and mark the phone number on a scale from safe to dangerous. Also, the site gives you a list of the number of times this phone number was searched for in different countries and cities. This would give you a general idea of the geographical localization of the number on the map. You can even search by the area code pertaining to a specific region in the UK. Finally, if you are not sure about the number, you can search through a list of similar numbers with the comments attached to them.

Benefits of Using a Reverse Phone Search

A Reverse Phone search is a great tool to help you trace a phone number. This is because it is very easy and simple to use. Within seconds, you can get the results of your search and even trace a phone call in real-time. All of the services offered online require no fees whatsoever on specific platforms. In addition, users can report an exact number that they have encountered before, relay their experience with it in the comment section, and report scams to warn others. Also, don’t forget that tracing a phone number using the White and Yellow pages can lead to no avail since the pages don’t contain all mobile phone numbers. A Reverse Phone search, on the other hand, contains information about any type of phone number. Hence, the directory of such a search can help you in a multitude of ways and save you time and effort.

Free Reverse Phone Search Tools vs. Paid Reverse Phone Search Tools

If you want to carry out a Reverse Phone search, many websites are available online. They differ in their accessibility, quality of information, and cost. As we have mentioned before, there are plenty of useful free websites to use such as Who-called. Other free options for UK phone numbers include Scam Numbers and Free Lookup. On free websites, you can get information about the phone number’s owner and other general statistics for free; however, an additional report on the owner can be unlocked in exchange for a fee. This report contains data on the owners’ location, photos, career, education, email addresses, and social media accounts. This is possible since the website checks criminal justice records, matching photos from social media accounts, and other platforms to get as much information available online as possible. Thus, if you want to discover basic information about the caller, free Reverse Phone search is ideal. However, if the owner of the phone number calls you persistently to the point of annoyance, then you may resort to a paid Reverse Phone search for additional information on the caller.

England Reverse Phone Search

The dialing code for the United Kingdom is +44. If your unknown phone number starts as such, then you can search by the area code on the Who-called platform. There you can obtain a list of geographic area codes in England, for example, as distributed in the different locations of the country. Possible free websites that can help you as well include, UK Phone Number Database Hub, and On these platforms, you get to obtain basic information about the owner of the unknown phone number you have, in addition to details from other users regarding the danger level, average rate of calling, and geographical location. Websites that require payment give more extensive information about the caller by searching the internet for photos, email addresses, and possible locations.

Northern Ireland Reverse Phone Search

A phone number based in Northern Ireland starts with the UK dialing code +44 followed by the area code and the local number. Since April 2000, the area code 028 replaced the different area codes used across Northern Ireland including Belfast. Landline numbers, on the other hand, were increased to 8 digits long. After that, different combinations of local numbers were added. To carry out a Reverse Phone search for free, just head to the following websites: Who-called,, UK Phone Number Database Hub, and In case the phone number becomes a nuisance, then you can unravel more personal information about the owner by resorting to paid Reverse Phone search websites.

Wales Reverse Phone Search

In Wales, most of the telephone numbers start with 01 followed by a local number of 9 digits except the city of Cardiff, which has the format 029 followed by 8 digits for the local number. To carry out an easy quick search about the identity of a caller from the phone number, you can use the websites Who-called,, UK Phone Number Database Hub, and Paying an extra amount of money can help you get more information about the phone number owner if it is deemed necessary.

Scotland Reverse Phone Search

A phone number based in Scotland typically starts with +44 as a country code followed by the area code and local number. Each city in Scotland has its own area code. The area code for Edinburgh is 131 while the area code for Glasgow is 141. Websites such as Who-called,, UK Phone Number Database Hub, and allow you to carry out a fast Reverse Phone search for free. Fees are required in case you need to find out more about the owner of the unknown phone number including career, education, location, and email addresses used.

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UK Phone Number Search FAQ

Is it legal to search a UK phone number?

Yes, it's legal to perform a phone number search, as long as the information obtained is used lawfully and within the guidelines of UK privacy laws

How can I perform a UK phone number search?

There are multiple online phone search services that offer UK reverse phone number look ups. Find a reliable online resources and then enter the phone number into the search bar on the service's website. Search results may vary depending on what is available and what resource you are using.

Can I find out who owns a UK phone number?

It is possible to research UK phone numbers however, due to UK privacy laws, you might not be able to obtain the full name of the phone number owner without their consent or a legal reason.

Can I find the location of a UK phone number?

Yes, it is possible to find the general location where a phone number is registered, such as the city or town, but not the exact address, which is restricted for privacy reasons.

Can I search a UK phone number for free?

While there are some free online phone search services, you might get very limited information for free. You will most likely need to pay for premium phone search results.

Are all UK phone numbers searchable?

While most UK phone numbers can be searched, certain numbers may not be available because they are unlisted, or belonging to protected individuals or groups.