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Are you interested in tracing your Irish roots and learning about your family history? A good starting point is to research Irish birth records. These records can offer a lot of information about your ancestors. These may include their names, dates of birth, and places of birth. There are a multitude of online resources to search Ireland birth records, from the Ireland National Archives and genealogy websites, and discuss the importance of these records for anyone interested in their Irish heritage.

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What Are Irish Birth Records?

Irish birth records are certified documents of someone born in Ireland. These records are created and maintained by the Ireland government. They contain important information such as the child’s name, date of birth, and place of birth. Ireland birth certificates have been kept since 1864, starting the Irish Civil Registration Act was passed. Before then, Irish birth certificates were maintained by the Church of Ireland.

How Far Back Do Irish Birth Records Go?

Official Irish certificates of birth started being recorded with the passing of the Civil Registration Act in 1864. However, some records go back much further. Many religious institutions and parishes kept birth records before this time. For example, the Church of Ireland kept records of births, marriages, and deaths from 1619 onwards. These records can be a great resource for anyone looking to find out about their genealogy or build a family tree.

Are Irish Birth Records Public Records?

Yes, Irish birth records are considered public records, which means that anyone can research them. This paves the way for anyone wanting to find out about their family history. However, it’s important to note that there are some restrictions on accessing recent records. Typically, all Irish and UK public records are sealed for a certain amount of time in order to protect the living. These can be sealed for up to 100 years for the general public. That said, if you want to access your own records, or those of immediate family there are options for you to access these.

How to Lookup Irish Birth Records

There are a few different ways to lookup Irish birth certificate records, including through the Ireland National Archives, and various genealogy websites. Here are some of the online options that anyone can use:

Ireland National Archives

The Ireland National Archives is a great place to start your search for Irish public birth records. They hold a wide range of records, including civil registration records, census records, parish records, and church records. To access these records, you can visit the Ireland National Archives online database. This online database allows you to search for public records by name, date, and location. With all these search criteria, it makes doing research quite simple.

Genealogy Websites

There are also several genealogy websites that can help you lookup Irish public records. These websites often have a larger database of records than the National Archives, making it easier to index a multitude of information. Some popular genealogy websites for Irish records include Ancestry, Findmypast, and FamilySearch. These websites may require a subscription or a one-time fee to access their records, but they can be a valuable resource for anyone researching their Irish ancestry.

Why Are These Irish Heritage Records Important?

Records of Irish family heritage are an important resource for anyone interested in their past. They can provide valuable information about ancestors, including their names, dates of birth, and where they were born. This information can be very useful in building a family tree and discover more about one’s family history. This can also uncover names of parents and siblings, which can lead to more records and information about one’s genealogy.

Northern Ireland Birth Records

It’s also worth noting that Northern Ireland birth records, which is a separate country from the Republic of Ireland. These records are kept by the General Register Office for Northern Ireland (GRONI). The records date back to 1864 and can be accessed through the GRONI website or in person at their office in Belfast.

In Conclusion

Irish public records are a valuable resource for anyone researching their Irish heritage. They can provide important information about Irish ancestry, and help build your family tree. With the help of the National Archives and genealogy websites, it’s a simple process to research records and learn about your family history.

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Irish Birth Records - FAQ

Are Irish birth records considered public record?

Yes, birth records in Ireland and Northern Ireland are considered public record. You can access these online through various genealogy websites and the Ireland National Archives. There are restrictions that apply to accessing some of these public records, as some records are sealed for privacy reasons.

How can I get a copy of an Irish birth certificate?

You can obtain a copy of an Irish birth certificate by contacting Civil Registration Service. You can also research older Irish birth records using the National Archives or various genealogy websites.

Can Ireland birth records be researched online?

Yes, birth records in Ireland are considered public record which means that anyone can view these online. There are restrictions however and recent Ireland birth records are sealed for privacy protection. You can contact the National Archives or use ancestry websites to do research on older birth, death, and marriage records.