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Scotland Public Record Office
The National Archives
Kew, Richmond,
Surrey, TW9 4DU
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8876 3444

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The Scotland National Archives houses over 11 million government records on file spanning back hundreds of years to the 1100s. They also have private records that are created by businesses, churches, families, other landed estates and corporate bodies. You can find important records such as births, deaths, and marriage registers at the National Office. However, some of the records are kept at the National Archives in London.

If the records have been digitised it is also possible to carry out your searches by remote or from your computer. Here are the sites where you can find the pertinent information:

Scotland Public Records

Online Records

Scotland’s People has Geneaological information dating from 1841-1911. Through this database you can also find wills and testaments dating from 1500-1901, and the 1915 valuation roll. All of these are available on indexed digital copies.

You can also find digitised copies of tax rolls, Ordnance survey name books, maps and plans. You can search prior to 1975, or after and by county.

You can also search the Scottish Archive Network where all testaments between 1500 and 1901 have been digitised. You can get information about more than 20,000 historical record archives throughout all of Scotland.

Capital: Edinburgh
Largest City: Glasgow
Official Language(s): English, Gaelic, Scots
Government: Constitutional monarchy
Queen (of the UK): Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister (of the UK): David Cameron MP
First Minister of Scotland: Alex Salmond MSP
Population: Approximately 5.2 million
Birth Rate: 11.3 births per 1,000 people
Death Rate: 10.3 deaths per 1,000 people
Literacy: 99%
Scotland’s top five export industries: Food and drink
Business services
Electrical and instrument engineering
Mechanical engineering
(2009 Global Connections Survey, Scottish Government)
Total Area: 78,772 sq km (30,414 sq mi)
Highest mountain: Ben Nevis 1344m
Islands: 800 (130 inhabited)
Coastline: Approximately 10,000km with
3,900km mainland coast

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