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The Sutherland, Scotland Public Office is located in the northern part of Scotland just south of Helmsdale. The population has increased over the years which was attributed to the herring-fishery at Helmsdale and other small tenants. They didn’t have records available to the general public until January 1855. They didn’t have the resources available that we have today. Now we are able to access more and more. Most of the information can be found on the website.

There you can find records such as church records, civil registration, probate records and census records to name a few. Many of them you can find on the internet today.

Church records: You can find such certificates like birth, death, marriage, burial and baptism there. Many of them can be found prior to 1855. You can also find the name of the parish too.

Civil registration: The government or civil regestration of births, marriages and death (statuary records). People can register a birth or stillborn here too.

Census records: This is the population number taken by the government that is arranged by city and household. You can find out how they prepare for that.

Probate records (testaments): These are also known as testaments. Testaments deal with a person’s estate after the person has died. The testaments have all the person’s information in them so they know what the person had in their possession (inventory). The estate is divided according to what is stated in the will. If no one is appointed then the court appoints the executor. People can have their wills executed there too.

People who have questions or comments can contact Sutherland Public Records by visiting in person or by writing to them using the contact form. Generally, someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

For the people who want to go in person, they can visit the following addresses:
3 West Register Street (For copies of marriage, birth and death certificates)

For census, population, household and vital records:
Ladywell Road
EH12 7TF
Hours for all locations are from 9am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday.

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