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Regions in England You Can Search Public Records

How To Search Public Records In England

To run an England public record search it’s important to first gather as much information as possible. You’ll want to know the person’s full name, including middle name and their date of birth or year of birth or year of death. If you know the names of relatives that would be helpful as well. This is because throughout history in England, many people share the same names, including their middle names, and it’s important to have an additional piece of information to verify you’ve found the correct England public records for the correct person. The England public record search is simple, find a reliable UK public record website, enter the full name of the person you’d like to search and then confirm your results. You may be surprised on what you find online.

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Public Records That Are Available In England

  • Birth and Death Records
  • Death Parish Registers
  • Marriage Records
  • Military Records
  • Immigration and Travel Records
  • Census and Land Records
  • Education and Work Information
  • Directories and Social History
  • Newspaper Archives

England Public Record Office

The public records building is located on Chancery Lane. It’s located in the United Kingdom and more specifically London. The Public records sits what is now known as Maughan Library, near King’s College in London.

Find detailed information about the England Public Records Office

The England Public records office, or the PRO( as it is known) holds the records for everything that takes place and it dates all the way back to the 1900’s if not earlier. it holds records for Wales, England, and Central United Kingdom.

These offices keep all records, including some of the original manuscripts from the Middle Ages. Inside these offices they also host the secret hiding place of the original Doomsday Book.

England Public RecordsNow if you are expecting to go into these office and find any kind of document under the sun, readily at your fingertips, think again. Up until recent years the records are kept either locked up or secret. Once 1958 any documents that were kept in the office and sealed were being looked as being viable to be open to the public. Up until this year the documents were kept locked and secret for years and year, up until at least fifty years had past. Once the year 1967 came around the public records building s looked at reducing this 50 year rule. They change it to thirty years. So every record that had been on file till than could be viewed once the 30 year mark came around. If you have ever heard of the Thirty Year Rule, this is what was being talked about. As the years went on officials began taking a look again at the rule and slowly decreasing the waiting period.

Once the UK Freedoms Act(2000)came into affect in 2005 they reduced the years and began opening up some of the records to the general public. There was also an online website devoted to the PRO, who they are and what they are about. In 2002 this website began to allow access to the records. A website devoted to the PRO gave the public access to certain records that the PRO buildings won’t give to the general public that are walk-ins. These records that began to be unleashed dated back to even the start of 1901. These records contain information about anything to do with the government. Information that the general public couldn’t readily get anywhere else.

How To Lookup a Person in England

There are several resources to lookup a person in England, or any of the other countries in the UK. One of the easiest ways to find publicly available information about people in England is to resource third party public record websites. These resources are quick and efficient and offer inexpensive premium person search resources for those that want to know more than what is available for free. You will want to know the full name of the person in question as well as their age or other identifiable piece of information about them such as what year they were born. Then you will be equipped to run your England people search. You may be surprised with what you find. England people records go back a very long time and it’s possible to map out your family history or genealogy using online public record resources in the UK.

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