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Middlesex, England Public Record Office

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3rd Floor Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EW

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The Middlesex County Public Record Office concentrates on the historical background of this particular county. In fact, many researchers believe that the Middlesex Public Office is the most oldest record office in the state. You can view the land records and maps by searching the website. It is often referred to as the keeper of the records. If you wish to learn more about the public record office of Middlesex county, please do not hesitate to visit its webpage or contact the office my using number and information listed above. In the year of 1677, an agreement was placed to keep records at the register at London in England. Eventually this lead to the office of the county clerk. On June 7, 1779 a law was eventually passed that basically stated that the office was going to be referred to as the county clerk office. However, the title was not legally authorized until the year of 1806. The county clerk office is also k own as the constitutional officer because it was provided for in two constitutions: the constitution of 1844 and the constitution of 1947. Currently, there are twenty three different county clerks to represent each of the counties within the region. The county clerks are allowed to be in office for a five year term.

There are three significant divisions of the county clerks offices. They are the registry, elections and passport office categories. The registry category deals with public records, fees and maps. The elections category talks about absentee ballots, voter lists, petition of nominations of the public office, and election law enforcement reports. Lastly, the passport office focuses on the notary public oaths and the naturalization records. If you would like to learn additional information details about the Middlesex County Public Record office, you can do so by visiting the following website http://www.liverpool.gov.uk/libraries-and-archives/archives-local-and-family-history/

The county clerk of the Middlesex office is Elaine M. Flynn. If you cannot reach her by the contact given above, you can also contact her via email at county clerk@co.middlesex.nj.us. Her job duties are very extensive. Some of her job responsibilities involve certifying notaries, ensuring that trade names are certified, recording documents concerning real estate profits, handling military discharges, and performing wedding ceremonies. Listed is a brief description of the duties in which the county clerk performs. Again, visit the website to retrieve more information about the county clerk.

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