Family Tree

Building Your Family Tree

The process of building a family tree can be relatively simple with the multitude of genealogy services that are accessible online. For example, the UK General Register Office, Genealogy Websites and DNA Testing Services are all great resources that can help people build out their UK Family Tree back to the 1500’s. The first step in building an accurate Family Tree is to organize all the family history information that is already available. Next, reference and research the different online resources to accurately build and verify the family lineage. When doing this, it’s important to compare all the information that is collected to make sure it all makes sense. This is when using a visual Family Tree builder can help, visualization is a great tool for understanding the makeup and branches in a person’s Family Tree.

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The Family Tree Maker 

How to make a UK family tree is a commonly asked question on search engines. There are also a lot of UK family tree makers available online that offer family tree building services. The premise is you can build your UK family tree in a visual format so that you can easily build out the different branches of your ancestors. Many of the family tree makers also have tools to help fill in the gaps and locate ancestors, through birth, marriage and death. There are some free family tree makers that allow you to draw your family tree. However, the free resources often do not have the bolted-on genealogy database component. When you begin building your family tree, it’s best to start with yourself and your immediate family and then go generation by generation to fill in as much information as possible. If you want to trace your family history back more than a hundred years then you may also want to resource parish records, that go back to the 1500’s, as well as passenger records and travel records for those that may have immigrated to the UK, or migrated to another country. You can resource some of this information from the UK General Registry Office. It’s also important to note that parish records are only available 100 years after they’ve been recorded ( For example: Parish Records for 1921 were made available in 2021 ) 

Building Your Family Tree With DNA

If you want to take it to the “Next Level” when building your family tree, you can get DNA tested and find out the multitude of people you are related to via your DNA and those registered to DNA genealogy databases. It takes a lot of effort out of this research and gives you undeniable confirmation of your direct lineage. The only caveat is this process of discovery is not exactly cheap, however it is the most conclusive means to confirm who you are related to. A Family Tree built with through DNA can give you the ability to get in touch with distant relatives if they’re in another country, if their DNA is listed in a searchable registry.

The Royal Family Tree 

Many people are curious about the Royal Family Tree, the current Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, Kings, Princes, Princesses, Lords, famous families and historical figures. The Royal Family Tree is one of the most common searches for people doing online research in the United Kingdom.  Similar to other UK public records, there are limitations to what information is available to the general public. Wikipedia is a great place to lookup a visual infographic of the Royal Family Tree that goes back to the 1500’s

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