Essex County Public Records

Essex,England Public Record Office
Essex was one of the first counties in England to have its own record office.

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Essex Record Office Wharf Road Essex, CM2 6YT

Phone Number:
01245 244644

Email Address:

Essex Public Records Office

Monday: 9am to 8:30 pm
Tuesday through Thursday: 9 am to 5 pm
Friday and Saturday: 9am to 4pm

Essex County Public RecordsThe Essex Record Office has an online catalogue named Seax. There is no charge for doing a search on Seax or viewing images except for parish registers and wills. To view parish registers and wills, you will need to register and buy a subscription to use Seax.
There is an extensive reference library located within the Essex Record Office. The library is filled with local history publications and books.
The record office is also home to the Essex Sound and Video Archive. This is a sound collection of the life and culture of Essex. In the archives, there are collections of oral history, radio broadcasts, and talking newspapers. There are recordings from local and national musicians.
Records included in the care of the record office are:

• Public records
• Count Court records
• County council records
• Coroners
• Archdeaconry records
• Borough records
• Diocesan record
• Estate and Family records
• Rural Deanery records
• Business records
• Burial Board records
• Local Board of Health records
• Parish Council records
• Roman Catholic records
• Baptist Church records
• United Reformed Church records
• Society of Friends record
• Methodist Church records
• Miscellaneous nonconformist church records
• Parish records
• Charity records
• Rural District Council records
• Commissioners of Sewers records
• Turnpike Trust records
• Urban District Council records
• District Council records
• School records
• Guardians
• Printed Maps
• Parish History

Essex is a small non-metropolitan county on the southeast region of England and is north east of London. The population of Essex is about 1,730,000. It has an ethnicity makeup of about 97% white, 1% South Asian, and 2% other.

Agriculture thrives in the lowland of Essex. Wheat, barley, and corn are among the more popular crops. Livestock graze the land as well. The coastal side of Essex is known for its oyster fishing. Industries, especially those in the electronic fields, are beginning to gain popularity due to easier ways of commuting.

Essex County Birth Records

In 1837, England incorporated the use of civil registration for different kinds of certificates including birth certificate records. To obtain information on birth records for free, you can visit the Record Office in Essex or any library located in Essex. Alternatively, you can resort to the General Record Office (GRO).

From the birth records, you can obtain the person’s place and date of birth, name, gender, the father’s name, and occupation, in addition to the mother’s maiden name. Moreover, you can learn the date that the birth was registered and the location.

Essex County Death Records

Searching the General Record Office (GRO) can help you find death records between 1837 to 1957 and 1984 to 2019 for free. It gives you the name of the person registered, age at death, and the year of their registration. However, the name of the spouse or parent is not indicated. Similar to the birth certificates, the Essex office records or Essex libraries can help you carry out a free online.

Essex County Marriage Records

Knowing the registration location of the marriage record you are looking for can easily allow you to get the certificate from the local registrar. The Essex Record Office is also a great place to start. All you have to do is carry out a search using the terms marriage license along with the date of the registration. The system will then automatically locate the certificate that you are looking for. Records till 2016 are available on the site Essex archives online . For records after 1957, you can search free of charge at the Essex Record Office.

Essex County Divorce Records

The civil court or the court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes holds records of divorce certificates that you can browse starting from 1858. The divorce certificates contain the original petition and response for divorce, any related birth or marriage certificates, and a record of the divorce process at the specific court. However, nowadays case information is thrown away after 20 years. Hence, only the divorce records between the years 188 and 1927 can be found all intact. Later divorce records can’t be 100% located due to the aforementioned reason.

Essex County Genealogy Records

To carry out a genealogical search of your family history or to trace a long-lost relative of yours, records registered at the Essex Record Office can be the best place to start. This allows you to look up birth record certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates for free. You can always resort to the General Registrar Office for more information according to the specified dates and names in England.

Essex County People Search Records

Searching for people can be a labor-intensive and daunting process, yet online websites can much it much easier and simpler to implement. Looking through birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records, divorce records on online platforms such as the one offered by the Essex Record Office is always a great starting point for your search. Also, by resorting to local newspapers in Essex such as The Essex Chronicle, you can learn many more updates about the individual that you are tracing. The England gazettes can be helpful as well.

Essex County Court Records

In the early 19th century, the Assize court held the most serious crime hearings while the Quarter sessions dealt with the less shocking crimes at the time. At the Essex Record Office, you can carry an online search to obtain the court records at both the Assize court and the Quarter Sessions. Civil trials at the Assize court are framed between the years 1656 and 1971. They contain a lot of information like statements of claim and defense, statements of charges, and administrative correspondences. Searching the National Archives for the UK can be of assistance for your search as well.

Essex County Criminal Records

Criminal records do not necessarily entail that the person that you are looking for is a criminal. On the contrary, they could have been mentioned in the records as either victims of the crime or as witnesses. Thus, by searching the court records for Essex, you can learn a lot about the person you have in mind who could also be an ancestor of yours. This is feasible since criminal records contain birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage records. This can help make your search easier to carry out. The Essex Court Cases is an ongoing project to compile records from courts and local newspapers on one platform.

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