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Cornwall Council County Hall Treyew Road Truro TR1 3AY

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The CRO or Cornwall Record Office is a professional archiving service based in Cornwall, England. The purpose of this office is to make sure that records of people, organizations, and places based in Cornwall are saved and preserved for future research and are made always available for the public. The CRO was founded in 1951 by the Cornwall County Council.

The Cornwall Record Office is in charge of taking care of the biggest archive compilation in the entire county. It maintains a large amount of old records dating as far back as the 12th century in special environmentally-controlled store rooms that stretch over more than 6 and a half kilometers. With its vast record facility, the Cornwall Record Office gets 12,000 inquiry requests and roughly 5000 visits for research. Most of the inquiries are related to homes and family history.

The Cornwall Record Office is operated by:

Two administration assistants

Two learning officers whose main goal is to make sure that the archives easily accessible to everyone. They do this by creating events and other activities in the Record office as well as other locations. They also work with various organizations to promote the use of the record office.

Seven archive assistants act as front desk service providers. They provide support to people who are trying to access the archives. They can also do paid research, answer inquiries, and assist people who are in the process of searching.

Five archivists continuously obtain, save, and manage documents as well as other items that are deemed to be of historical importance. They assess records and determine whether they are valid for custody and preservation.

There are times when certain records that are acquired arrive in very bad condition. Others documents have been drenched and some have almost been obliterated by fire. Once the Cornwall Record Office gets a hold of these documents, the archivists use a number of preservation techniques that include cleaning, drying, and packaging. Once they have been cleaned and dried up, they will be stored at proper room conditions using special tools and equipment.

The Cornwall Record Office is located within the grounds of the Old Country Hall in Truro. The office is clearly marked with a sign that says ‘Cornwall Record Office’ and ‘County Records’. They can also be reached online via email at The record office is open from Tuesday to Friday and they are available from 9am to 4:30pm. They are also open on some Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.

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