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Westmorland, England Public Record Office

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Westmoreland Record Office Kendal Archive Centre Kendal County Offices Kendal Cumbria LA9 4RQ

The Westmorland, England Public Record Office stores and preserves archives of the county. Records range from the early 1500s to the present day. Some of the archives that can be found include baptisms, marriages, tax lists, wills, tombstone inscriptions, burials and other vital records.

There are many different reasons that a person may want to retrieve some of these records. Reasons may include a person that is retrieving family genealogy records or property records. If someone is doing research on a local area, they will also find archives beneficial to their project.

Those who are looking to do some extensive family history research will be able to find vital information that they may find interesting and useful. A person will be able to find official archives of their ancestors. These records may include marriage certificates, death certificates, baptism records and any other family information that a person may want to gather about their ancestors.

Some people will be interested in learning about the history of their local area. At the Westmorland, England Public Record Office, vital records of the county history that dates back hundreds of years can be found. Information that a person can find includes census returns, parish registers, criminal records, punishment records, public directories and taxation records.

Sometimes an individual may want to know the history of a certain property. Some properties are many centuries old, and the history of them is not easily accessible. This is when the Westmorland, England Public Record Office can come handy. The documents and records that a person can retrieve for a property can be of great use.

There is no better history source that a person can visit to retrieve the information that they need than the Westmorland, England Public Record Office. They care for church records, wills, maps, title deeds, photographs and so much more. Visitors are able to visit the archive centres and look at the official archives themselves. An educational institute’s history can be retrieved. An areas law enforcement history can be retrieved. Almost everything, and anything that has to do with Wesmorland can be retrieved.

When a person is searching through the archives, a good thing for them to remember is that many of the archives may have been recorded in another language besides English. It is common to find archives of events recorded in Latin, Welsh and Scottish dialects. For this reason, searches can sometimes be challenging. The staff at the facility is very helpful and will always be willing to assist.

Those interested in visiting this wonderful facility can find them located at the following address.

If more information is needed for any reason, the contact telephone number to use is 01539 713539.

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