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Lichfield Record Office The Friary Lichfield WS13 6QG

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England is a European island country and its capital is London. The country has over 100 islands that are part of its territory. England shares a land border with Scotland. Most of the country is low hills and pines. The name England comes from an old English word that meant land of the angles. There are more than 53 million people who live in this country.

Staffordshire, England is one of the counties in England. It over 806,000 people who reside in it. This county has people who have lots of needs. One of them is to settle issues with genealogy, wills, and marriage, death and birth records. The Staffordshire, England Public Record Office helps them to settle these issues.

The Staffordshire, England Public Record office has numerous articles and documents for those who want to learn about their genetics, family and community history. Years of documents have been kept and are available in this location. Many people learn what their family and community history is. They are surprised and fascinated by the discoveries. These people know that this office is very valuable because of the knowledge that is available in it.

This office annually conducts a history day. This is normally in May and lots of people are invited. Attendees learn interesting facts about wars, population changes and the overall history of this part of England. Each year, more attendees come to this event. The public begins to understand how valuable the location is and how beneficial it is. They that this office is full of a wealth of resources.

Birth, marriage and death certificates are available in this office. They date all the way back to the year of 1837. These items are great for historians and researchers. The information that is found is not available in most places around the globe. This is why people have been known to travel from far away in order to visit this office. The discoveries that are made are used to write books and conduct research that will become available to the general public. This makes this office to be one of the most valuable places that exist.

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