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Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre
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During the 1990’s, the National Archives, which is the national oversight authority concerning local archive services, determined that the facilities which housed the Wiltshire and Swindon archival collection, was inadequate for the safeguarding of irreplaceable archival materials. The current facility, with modern up to date technology suitable for preserving delicate historical documents and other materials, was completed and opened to the public in 2007. The present Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre offers a comprehensive archive of archaeological, architectural, genealogical and municipal records pertaining to both Wiltshire and Swindon Counties. Along with archiving historical documents, maps, photo’s and various other historic materials required for research or educational purposes, it serves admirably as a source of expert advice on pretty much any subject relevant to either of the counties it serves, be it historic or contemporary.

There are facilities for Microfilm, Microfiche over a dozen computers can be used by our visitors. The computers at the centre each have specific designations of use, two are for DVD and CD use, two are reserved for exploring our data base of information pertaining to the counties we serve, four are used for general internet access in 30 minute increments, another four are reserved for people with advanced bookings, and there is one computer equipped with a large screen which can more readily facilitate multi-person viewing. If interested in utilizing the Microfilm machines, it would be prudent to book in advance, as there is typically more demand for the use of these machines. The centre’s hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday 9:30am – 5:30pm with the exception of Saturday, when it closes one half hour earlier at 5:pm.

Contact us via the information above to learn about events or specific services which may be available. Go online and view our Calendar for future events, or perhaps you would like to learn about our volunteer opportunities. This is a very user friendly Archive, the staff makes a earnest effort to provide courteous service and to address all inquiries in a direct and knowledgeable manner.

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