Gloucestershire County Public Records

Gloucestershire Public Record Office

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Clarence Row, Alvin Street, Gloucester, GL1 3DW

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(01452) 425295

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Gloucestershire has public records that can be traced back to two different holding locations. One of these is appropriately called the Gloucestershire office, but a southern region that was once a part of the county holds the remaining amount in the Bristol office. This can be an obstacle for historians when accounting for entire populations. The contact information for each city’s archive department is as follows:

Bristol Record Office:

Address- ‘B’ Bond Warehouse, Smeaton Road, Bristol, BS1 6XN

Phone- (0117) 922 4224


For Gloucestershire in specific, the data can be traced back up to five hundred years. This expansive assortment includes the following categories:

Registration of Civil Events- This includes certificates like the ones given in the event of a child being born or a couple being married. The unfortunate event of death is also included in this category by form of certificate. Any of these general forms of proof for life, death, and official vows, can be obtained at the general register office at the county record location.

Census- This section includes a summary of the census returns for a majority of the nineteenth century. The population and land was easier to keep track of back then, but the task has gotten difficult to perform accurately with the modern amount of activity in Gloucestershire.

Street Indexes- This varies slightly from the traditional map because the creators likely played a role in county planning. Rather than including landscape and natural features, they drew the layout of the growing compilation of roads in this region as well as one by the name of Cheltenham. These also tend to be from the nineteenth century, before road maps became common.

Religious Registrations- To become an established church or parish in England, the organization must provide a set amount of information to the record office. Large followings contribute their financial information willingly for the purpose of tax cuts. The archive includes bishop transcripts and donation amounts.

Genealogical database- This index dates back further than most others. The lists of possessions and transfers of assets date back to the sixteenth century. These types of businessmen helped found the county of Gloucestershire.

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