Derbyshire County Public Records

The Derbyshire England Public Records Department

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Derbyshire Record office Archon Code:26

New Street Matlock DE4 3FE England

Phone Number:
01629 538347

Email Address: .

The Public Records Department in Derbyshire England is an essential department in the history of Derbyshire. They have extensive documentation on any documented history in the area. They are single handedly responsible for the archives of individuals, organizations and families. They hold all of the documentation on normal events that took place during the life of the organization, individual or family. All of the historical documentation being stored at the Records Department is being cared for by professional archivists. The archivists do preservative work to ensure the documentation is available for generations to come.

The Public Record Department holds over 4 miles of records covering the geographical area’s of Derbyshire, Derby City and the Diocese of Derby. The records are detailed and immaculately kept documentations of history. The history of the Derbyshire area and all of the residents that live in the Derbyshire area are housed in this one spot. The services that are available to access these records include staff that can help in historical searches in person, over the phone, through the mail and through the email. The staff is available in person to give advice on how to use the search room and how to advance on searching currently being undertaken. Over the phone, mail and email they are available to answer general inquiries. Copies of documents can be ordered as well. Through the photography services copies of documents can be photographed for personal use.

The Public Records Department also assists the Derbyshire Council office to maintain the current records that are being created. They have joined the County Archives Research Network registration scheme, also known as CARN. They are also offering introductory sessions to those who are interested. They are creating online exhibitions that are displaying specialty items that were discovered in the archives. The Public Records have also gone high tech by creating a blog. The blog is an interesting addition to the average archives. It is offering up to date news on newly discovered history hidden in the archives and unusual names that have been discovered.

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