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The Isle of Ely, England Public Record Office is a collection of record pertaining to the British history. You can view the records in its entirety online. The Isle of Ely Public Record Office is a class of documents in the Public Record Office. The Isle of Ely Public Record Office is sponsored by the Victoria County History. It was published in the year of 2002. The history publication is featured in the tenth volume. The tenth volume describes the history of the county of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely. The authors of this particular volume are A.F Wareham and A.P.M Wright. There are numerous volumes featured in the Isle of Ely Public Record Office. You can find additional information about the history of the British by viewing the website. Each volume contains the supporting documents, the pages in which it begins and ends, annotations and citations. You are able to choose the format of the citation, based on your preference. You can also obtain other knowledge about the volume.

The List of classes of documents in the Public Record Office of the Isle of Ely. The first is Chancery. It deals with the six clerks office, early proceedings and pleading series one and two. It features pleadings before 1714 as well.. In addition it also contains bridges, common law proceedings, tower series, chancery miscellanea, close rolls, fine rolls, patent rolls, six clerks office, decree rolls, records upon outlawry, tower and rolls chapel series. The Chancery section further discusses commissioners for charitable users, inquisitions and decrees, survey of church livings, masters; exhibits, horne, broughham, ancient deeds, petty bag office, and chancery files.

Followed by the Chancery category is the Court of Pleas. This section discusses the feet of fitness files, series 1 and 2, notes of fines files, pleas rolls and recovery rolls. Next is the Crown Estate Commissioners category which talks about the office of woods and forests and court rolls. Then there is the Duchy of Lancaster section which talks about the accounts of ministers, miscellaneous books, and special commissions and returns. There are a host of classes that you can read more about. To learn more about the British culture, Cambridge and the Isle of Ely, please visit the following website at your leisure:

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