Norfolk County Public Records

Norfolk, England Public Record Office

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The Norfolk Record Office
The Archive Centre
Martineau Lane

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01603 222599

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01603 761885

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Those who visit the Norfolk Record Office will find that this county public record office has many historical archives of Norfolk County. Visitors are welcomed to enjoy the fine collection of archives that are preserved at this highly recognized record office. Ever since the Norfolk Record Society was founded in 1930, encouragement to study and preserve Norfolk records have been established.

Archives that visitors will find at the NRO include royal charters, title deeds and manorial court rolls. Wouldn’t it be great to see a formal document that was issued my a monarch that grants certain power to someone? The NRO makes this possible with the royal charters that they have for visitors to see. Registers, correspondences, diaries, journals, pictures, minute books and maps are also enjoyed by those who visit the NRO.
Architectural work and drawings can also be found and are usually favorite archives that visitors enjoy.

There are literally millions of archives that the NRO preserves so that they can be shared with others. The historical items fill up shelves that are 10 miles long. With that said, there is always something for everybody to enjoy. Some of the archives are from the present and others are from the past. Some archives are very historical and date back to the eleventh century. One thing that a visitor can be certain of is that all of the archives will have a relationship with the towns and parishes in Norfolk.

One of the most interesting collections that visitors enjoy at the NRO is the King’s Lynn Borough Archives. These archives are one of the finest collections that can be found in the entire country. Included in this collections are royal charters that date back to the year 1204. There are also deeds and accounts from the thirteenth century. Both the Borough Council and the NRO care for and preserve these historic archives. They are stored in a section that is called the King’s Lynn Town Hall. Due to the popularity of some of these archives, the NRO has made the most popular series of records on microfilm and fiche for those interested to enjoy.

The Norfolk Record Office enjoys the privilege of being recognized as a four-star archive service. They also have gained recognition by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council as having an outstanding performance. This is graded based on the record office’s collection of archives.

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