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Yorkshire, England Public Record Office

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North Yorkshire County Council County Hall Northhallerton North Yorkshire DL7 8AD

Phone Number:
0845 872 73 74(General),
0845 034 9417(social)

Fax Number:
01609 532009(General),
01347 824 648(social)

Email Address:

North Yorkshire County Council is where you can access public records. You can contact North Yorkshire County Council through email, telephone, or by mail. The address is North Yorkshire County Council County Hall Northhallerton North Yorkshire DL7 8AD. The switchboard telephone number is: 01609780780. The email address for general enquiries is customer.services@northyorks.gov.uk and for social care services the email address is social.care@northyorks.gov.uk please feel free to contact North Yorkshire County Council for assistance as needed.

The services available for the public include free access for personal visitors. The staff also offers enquiry and advise services. If you are unable to come into the office the staff offers research services on your behalf. Coping services are offered subjected to copyright and the physical condition of the documents. Documents conservations and a record management system are also offered.

You have three research options to choose from these options are; researching online, researching in person, or in house research services which is services offered by the staff. When researching online you will find a summary of all the holdings. You can browse the online catalogue which includes over 4,000 summary descriptions. If you choose to research in person be sure to make an appointment prior to your visit. You can make an appointment via email, telephone, coming into the office, or by mail. There is no fee to research in person but some services require a fee. Fees will be applied for copies and or research done by the staff. Also there is a fee charge for record management, conservation, and reprographic services. In house researching can be done by our staff for people unable to make it to the office. These services require a fee, you will be charged by the hour. The fee will still be charged even if the results are not found as it covers the time spent on research not the actual information being researched.

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