Merseyside County Public Records

Merseyside, England Public Record Office

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Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool, Merseyside L3 8EW

Phone Number:
+01512 335817

The Merseyside, England Public Record Office is focuses on the history and background of the port of Liverpool. The full length of the documents and records can be viewed online. The Liverpool Public Record Office mainly features archives. Those archives can contain many things like minutes, images, genealogical documents and local history documents. This particular public record office has a central library, which you can find most of the information that you are seeking. However, based on what is provided on the website, the central library is currently being revamped. It is now based on the World museum. In the world museum you will still have access to a host of vital information. Much of what the world museum contains is details about local and family history. It has a temporary site, with designated visiting hours. There are also other records available at another location called Archive Satellite Service. It is located at Sandhills.

The archive section is very extensive. It contains more than twenty thousand pictures taken between the dates of 1897 and 1960 by the department of city engineers. It also features minute books, dating back to 1550. It also ahs school and cemetery records that you cannot find elsewhere. Community archives such as that about the Meyerside Jewish community can also be found within the archives category. If you want additional information about various companies, business records are available as well. View the Liverpool catalog to gain more comprehensive knowledge about the history of this specific region.

The Merseyside Gateway explains the growth of Liverpool. You will be able to retrieve information about shipping, the slave trade industry, public health and welfare and immigration. You can also learn about the economy and other facts that took place during the war. To learn more details about Liverpool and Merseyside public record office, please feel free to visit this website Remember, it is never too late to learn about your history.

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