Dorset County Public Records

The Public Record Office of Dorset

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The county of Dorset lies within the borders of England. The detailed records of the region can be found within Dorset History Centre. To contact the department, the following information can be used:

Dorset History Centre, Bridport Road, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1RP

Phone Number:
(01305) 250550

Email Address:

Wills- These show the transfer of inheritance over the ages. The patterns of wealth and land ownership in Dorset can be traced back to some of the very first wills left behind by powerful and rich men.

Maps- Cartography can be tracked back further than most human studies. These files include some of the oldest known maps of Dorset and its changing county lines as time progressed. Some of these are made up of specific regions within the county.

Electoral Registration- Like most countries, England places importance on verifying the sources of their deciding votes. Registered voters include things like address, phone number, and several other pieces of personal evidence.

Business Records- Another aspect of bureaucracy that is carefully monitored along with human growth is the collection of financial and corporate measurements. Every business in the county should have a record of their business license application

Prison and Police- Like most organizations funded by the government, the police department and prison system must record budget overviews, criminal profiles, and most important instances of crime and punishment.

Education- This is another government funded operation, making the open financial situation important to its investors. Dorset has assisted the government in keeping accurate and current proof of purchases, grades of different levels, salaries of teachers, and a few other crucial facts.

Clubs and Groups- As the population of Dorset began to expand and diversify from each other, the imminent foundation of social groups came. Some of these grew to the point of receiving state funds, but any that wanted to try had to be willing to provide record keepers with lists of members, minutes of meetings, and other things of this nature.

Mental Institution- An interesting collection of papers show the foundation and discontinuation of an establishment called Herrison Hospital. Though this information is restricted, it is still rare to find such an inclusive history of a closed medical center.

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