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The Public Record Office (“PRO”) is located 12.8747 km from the centre of London, in the southwest district of Richmond, along the Thames. The Public Record Office is home to a large collection of official central government and court documents for England and Wales. It contains over 11 million archival documents of court proceedings and some private records which date back to the Middle Ages, including an original special manuscript entitled the Doomesday Book of 1086. The PRO further archives modern government papers, collections of photographs, maps, early drawings, and paintings. The public is not charged a fee and getting there is as easy as taking the District underground line from Victoria Station to the Richmond stop.

London County Public RecordsThe documents are being stored in digital format and presently in microfilm format. The Public Record Office contains family genealogical history records, but not of births, adoptions, or marriages. The family archives at the PRO contain historical information which is related to family members that served in the British armed forces. The 18th and 19th-century naturalisation personnel, such as soldiers, marines, sailors, and seamen who served, who became prisoners, or who were also emigrants, would be recorded here. Families can search their ancestors’ army, navy, and air force records to locate some semblance of historical family reference records.

The majority of other genealogical records denoting births, marriage, deaths, and adoptions can be researched at the PRO’s partner location on Myddelton Street, London, called the Family Records Centre and the Office of National Statistics. The Public Record Office is one of the largest and most comprehensive ancestral archives in Europe, housing records identified above. Other historical documents include customs and excise documents, police documents, and the Royal Irish Constabulary documents.

The Lord Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Justice are the government overseers of the Public Record Office. The Public Record Office is one of several ancestral and genealogical record-holders under the banner of The National Archives of England, Wales, and the United Kingdom. Other historical document offices include the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, and the Office of Public Sector Information. Researching references in the PRO office is helped by tools which people can use to interpret handwriting records from 1500 to 1800. The handwriting deciphering tools are tutorials which are used to interpret Latin documents and medieval abbreviations.

London County Birth Records

Birth records in the UK, which includes London County, are referred to as public records. This means that if you are a person in the country, you are able to apply for a copy of any birth record. In order to do this, you will need some information. For instance, the name of the person is going to help locate them If the birth record is dated after 1837, they are going to be held by the General Register Office, which is often shortened to GRO. Local parish registers in London county will hold birth records before 1837.

London County Birth Records contain a lot of useful information. They can reveal the full name and gender of a person, alongside their date and place of birth. The name of the mother and father will be included, as well as their place of birth. In some records, the maiden name of the mother is listed and the occupation of the father.

London County Death Records

If you wish to search for London County death records, you can use the General Register Office or GRO to find them. There is an online platform that can be used for free. This includes making a search for death records between 1837 to 1957, as well as 1984 to 2019.

London county death records are classed as public records, which means that you can search for a friend or family member. You will need to know some information ahead of time so that you can locate the death record you need. For example, having the person’s name and the date they may have died will be useful. Of course, knowing if they died in London County will be useful too.

For any deaths in London County before 1837, you will need to approach a local parish. They will have kept records before the central records began. If you know where the person is buried, this is a good place to start.

London County Marriage Records

You can also access marriage records in London County and some basic information will grant you the details. This includes knowing the spouse’s name or parish where they got married. Online it is possible to search for marriages that took place between 1873 and the introduction of civil registration. This will include searching through parish records from London County.

There is a lot of useful information contained within a marriage record. For example, this can include the names, year, and place of marriage. It can also tell you about the residence and occupation of the people getting married.

London County Divorce Records

It is possible to obtain divorce records from London County. The UK Government website allows you to do this and you can get a copy of a decree absolute or final order for a small fee.

Within a London County divorce record, there is going to be useful information. This can include revealing the name of the couple, the gender of the partners, and the petition year of the divorce. The record will document the place where the marriage took place and a copy of the marriage certificate can be attached as proof. If there are children, their names and birth details will be listed. Some records will contain the grounds for divorce and the person who filed the petition.

London County Genealogy Records

If you are researching your family history and ancestry, you are going to be looking for London County genealogy records. Thankfully, a lot of records are made public in the UK, which means that you can access them if you have some basic information about family members. This will allow you to follow and create a family tree. For instance, marriage and birth records can be beneficial.

In order to carry out London County genealogy records, you will need some details. It will be beneficial to have the names and birth dates of some of your family members. This can allow you to begin the search and obtain new information.

London County People Search Records

Do you need to find a person that was based in London County? It is possible to find out more details about them online. The good news is that there are a lot of public records that you can access even if you do not know the person. This includes everything from birth records to divorce records.

In order to successfully carry out a London County people search, you will need basic information to find the relevant records. Having the first and last name of the person will be the most important. Knowing their birth date will also help to narrow the search. Since they are from London County, this will help too.

London County Court Records

Court records are a necessity under the Criminal Procedure Rules in the UK. This ensures that there is a record kept of every case that has been processed through court. In other words, if you are looking for London County court records, you are going to be able to find them. In order to carry out this search, it will be helpful to know the first and last name of the person. Since you know that you are looking in London County, this is going to be helpful too.

It is important to remember that there are several courts in the UK. For example, a civil case will be dealt with by civil courts. Any criminal cases will be processed by the Crown Prosecution Service. You can use databases online to search for a London County court record. But, if you know the court that the trial happened in, you can approach them for information. Often, there is a form to complete and to request the court record.

London County Criminal Records

Would you like to access London County criminal records? This is something that you can do in the UK. For example, the UK government allows you to check a criminal record of a person before you employ them. This can be done by making a request for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. There is a fee involved in this process.

In order to carry out a London County criminal record check, you will need information from that person. This includes identity verification documents, such as a driver’s license or passport. Without these, you will not be able to conduct a background check on an individual.

There are also older London County criminal records held by the National Archives. In particular, this is for criminal matters up to 1971.

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