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In the United Kingdom, the public record office system is part of an organization called the National Archives that keeps all the records of the population, events, and other historical items that occurs in each county in the countries within the United Kingdom. Abbreviated as the PRO, there is usually a public record office in every county that specifically records the information and events that occur within that local area. This is then reported to the national record office, which records the information to keep in its archive.

This specific PRO in Somerset, England is in operation and offers tourist services for those interested in the national archive service. The Somerset office is located at:

Members wishing to visit the PRO can do so by scheduling an appointment with the Heritage Centre. By making an appointment, citizens can look at all the documents that have been recorded by the PRO. Current rates are 30 pounds per hour of research. Some documents that are recorded at the PRO in Somerset include parish, local government, census, and estate records. In addition, they have quarter sessions (records of court dates and things said at the courthouse), maps, and newspapers that are distributed within the surrounding area. Up to four documents can be put on hold by calling the PRO office before one’s appointment. In addition, by purchasing a photography license at the Heritage Centre for 3.75 pounds, users can photograph as many documents as they wish for one day. Licenses for multiple days or weeks can be purchased for an additional fee.

Somerset is a town in England with a population of roughly 900,000 people. It is 1,610 square miles, and is located in the southern part of the country. The town is located on the coastline of the Bristol Channel, and boasts over 61 km of beach for both the locals and tourists to enjoy. Somerset has a mild climate with a mean temperature of 50 degrees
fahrenheit and typically wetter areas than the rest of the country of England.

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