Cumbria County Public Records

Registering and Obtaining Birth, Marriage, and Death Documents with Cumbria Public Record Office:

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Kendal County Offices LA94RQ

01228 221222

If you have to register a birth, marriage, death, and civil partnership in Cumbria, you can visit the main Register Office is in Kendal. The address is Kendal County Offices LA94RQ Kendal. Since 1 December, 2011, Registration Service in Cumbria has been operating as a sole Registration District although there are other offices around the county.

By area, Cumbria, England is considered to be the 3rd largest ceremonial county. As a matter of fact, there are 4 local record offices in this county. They are more popularly known as archive centres . These centres are located in Whitehaven, Kendal, Carlisle and Barrow.

Registering an event in any of the offices requires that you make an appointment. They understand that deaths are unprecedented and do not want to waste any of your time. There are many people who come to the office daily, so they cannot guarantee service to those who arrive without an appointment.

An appointment is an assurance that you can take home any certification or documentation within the same day. This is a very welcome benefit. You no longer have to return to the office to collect any documents.

The office that handles all reports of birth, marriages, death, and civil partnerships is based in Carlisle. You can order a certificate by calling them up at this number: 01228 221222. A staff member is on call to respond to your needs as well as provide any payment details.

When you have time, you can visit them personally at Lady Gillford’s House on Petteril Bank Road in Carlisle. You have to be sure to appear with an appointment so you can go straight to the Register Office in Cumbria Certificate Services. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you will not be entertained by the staff.

The cost for the first certificate is £12.50. Subsequent copies cost £10. Payment for orders through a telephone is payable with your debit and credit card. When ordering through the office, you can pay in cash, a guaranteed cheque payable to Cumbria Count Council, a debit /credit card, or a postal order.

Payments for documents that are not located are refunded to your account. In regards to cash payments, you can stop by the office to collect it. The documents are posted to your address within five working days using first class mail. For more guidelines, you can visit this link:

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