Bristol County Public Records

Bristol, England Public Record Office
Address:Smeaton Road, Bristol, BS1 6XN

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Phone Number:
0117 922 4224

Fax :
0117 922 4236

Email Address:

The Bristol Public Records Office controls the archives of Bristol and also ensures that those records are available to the public. Those records are preserved and they always relate to the city of Bristol and its surrounding areas. Conservation of these records allows for future generations to be able to consult the records if necessary.

Bristol is a city located in South West England, and it currently has an estimated population of around 433,100 people in the metropolitan area, and 1,006,600 people in the surrounding areas of Bristol. The Bristol Public Records Office itself is located in the ‘B’ Bond Warehouse on Smeaton Road, Bristol, BS1 6XN. It can also be contacted by telephone for inquiries on 0117 922 4224, or if you would like to contact them by email, you can message them at They can even be faxed at 0117 922 4236.

The records stored in the Bristol Public Records Office can be accessed by visiting the office in person and there are a number of mediums at the office through which you can access these records, such as through the computers there. The kinds of records that are stored at the offices are ancestry records, as well as baptisms, marriages and burials.

People can also deposit records at the Bristol Public Records Office. The kinds of records that can be deposited at the records office include records belonging to you or your family, or any records of a business, organization, church or chapel that you care for. The kinds of records that can be deposited include photographs, letters and diary entries. The records office also automatically holds marriage records, baptism records and death records.

There are many people that use the Bristol Public Records Office, from historians to archaeologists to teachers and other educators. In fact, the public records office provides a number of educational activities such as tours for school groups and classes available for people of all ages.

The Bristol Public Records Office can be a great option for anyone that may be researching their ancestry, for example. The records themselves are kept in clean, air conditioned rooms for their safety, and the office ensures that the records are not damaged in any way. The Bristol Public Records Office can be a very useful tool for many people.

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