Angus County Public Records

Angus, Scotland Public Record Office

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Angus Archives
Hunter Library
Restenneth Priory
By Forfar

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Monday to Friday: 10am to 4pm

The Angus archive has numerous holdings of various. There are transcripts, catalogues, and indexes to aid researchers. There are also collections designed to aid people doing family research. Other collections focus on local history. In addition to this, there are photographic collections. Among other items, the Angus archive contains letters from J. M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan.

The photographic collection is extensive and includes over 100,000 images. These items date from the Victorian era through to the present. They cover all aspects of life in Angus including work and recreation, as well as buildings and landscapes. Some of the photographs that are not protected by copyright are available in PDF format. Copies of all photographs can be purchased from the archives.

For researchers who cannot travel to the archive, professional staff can be commissioned to do research. These staff members specialize in the history of Angus and in tracing ancestors. The collections cover 800 years and include a wide variety of items. Even those researchers who can travel to the archive should avail themselves of the researcher’s expertise. They can help guide researchers to information that is helpful.

Items in the archives can also be copied. Whether or not a document will be reproduced depends on the Archivist. More fragile documents could be damaged in the process of photocopying. There is a set rate of payment for coping items. There is also a form that must be filled out and returned to the Record Office.

There are rules that a visitor to the archives should know. Researchers are supposed to contact the archives a minimum of a week before their visit. Five items can be requested per visit. Coats and bags have to be left outside the research room. Only paper, pencils, keys and the like can be taken into the research room. Only a single item can be studied at a time and each one has to be signed for. No food or drink is permitted in the reading room and removing an item from the archives is forbidden.

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