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Argyll and Bute Council

Argyll and Bute Council, Kilmory, Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31 8RT

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01546 605522

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Scotland is a country that is part of the UK. It is on the same island as the England and occupies the northern one third of it. This country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and north, North Sea on the east and the north channel and Irish Sea to the south and west. There are more than 790 islands that are inside of the Scottish territory. Edinburgh is the capital of this country and is the most populated city in the country. The second most populated city is called Glasgow. The climate in Scotland changes often and can be either very warm, warm, cool or very cold. This is because warm air comes from the Atlantic Ocean and colder air come from the North Sea.

Bute, Scotland is a very small Scottish island where more than 7,000 people live. It is linked to the other parts of its country by ferry. In the summer, a cruise boat takes people to and from the island and allows them to have parties and lots of fun at the same time. The towns of Kilchattan Bay, Kingarth and Port Bannatyne exist in Bute. The name Bute is supposedly after a Scottish word for fire. People travel to this island in order to enjoy the many attractions that are available.

One attraction is the Bute, Scotland Public records office. This location has many records that are helpful to researchers, citizens and writers. Wills or residents and former residents are often available in this location. They tell which items are or will be left to whom upon the death of a certain individual. People use these documents to resolve disputes. It is common for people to argue about items and wealth after a death of a person. Documents of early lifestyles are located in this office. These items are very valuable to historians and writers. They tell how life was in earlier years. They often include vivid pictures and writings. Historians use them to gather information that can be put into books and movies and taught to the general public.

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