Glasgow County Public Records

Glasgow, Scotland Public Record Office

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1, Pacific Quay. The postcode is G51 1EA. The city is Glasgow

Phone Number:
0141 585 8400

The reason the Glasgow, Scotland Public Record Office was retrieved from anyone who wants to get the information. It was formed was to show the history and culture of the area. The source material dates back to the early 1300s, but there are some materials from before that time. The office is always looking for new source material, so you can always donate your documents to the office.

There is a wide range of people who go to the office. It could be a single professional, it could be an organization, or it could be a business looking for public records from the Glasgow area. The professionals who go to the building include: professional genealogist or an amateur family historian. Reguardless if your a professional or not, you will probably be able to find the offical documents that your looking for at the location. The information is correct and accurate. The documents have been taken care of in a good manner, to keep their orignal look to them.

Most of the time, the professional is looking for information about a single individual or a group of people from the aea. You can research certain occupations in the area or you can research the way the land has been used for the past hundred years. You can find out information about the culture and history of the area, and the way it has changed over the years. When you come to the building, you should bring bring of your identity. The proof should include your current name and your current address. The building can be accessed by wheelchair.

There are endless ways that you can use the information that can be found at the Glasgow, Scotland Public Record Office. We hope that you can find the information and records that your looking for. If you have any questions or concerns about the office, feel free to ask us. Good luck with your search!

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