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Caithness, Scotland Public Record Office

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There is limited access to specific records for the county of Caithness. Please refer to the following Scotish government website to dig up any available Scotish records:

Scotland public record office has all the records of all the districts of Scotland, including the county of Caithness. It has separate office in every county. So no need to mention that they have an office branch in the county of Caithness. Every office collects, combines and records all the important documents for public information service. This office has more than 9100 records that starts from the early 1500 to the mid of late 1800. They have collected all the records from various sources. So one may find partial sentences, inconsistent spelling and the absence of the use of modern standard grammar. They have all sorts of records like marriage, death, birth, obituary, burial, baptisms, tombstone inscriptions, wills, tax lists, published registers, land documents, leasing documents and other important documents. As they have compiled this data from very old sources and documents the words, spellings and grammar may seem difficult to understand. Some of these found documents might have been written in Latin or Welsh or Scottish. One has to be careful and must keep in mind that some of these records are not complete. So it is natural to find some parts of a document missing. There may be cut off words, irregularity of date and other errors.

These records are just transformed from the original written documents and papers into an electronic form. So the legitimacy and wholeness of these data completely depends on the found documents. Thus it is very difficult to verify this information.

During the civil war (1642-1660), many records were unfortunately lost or destroyed and many records were not even kept. But some of these records survived the war as it was collected and protected by family and ancestors.
But all these records are properly compiled in the public records office. One can easily go and search for any important information or documents in there.

Anyone can easily research and find out more about their ancestors of earlier times. Any help or assistance regarding information about local history this is the place to go. It has all the information compiled systematically. Even if someone is searching for certain person or relative and needs information about his/her records the public records office is the best place to go. The public records office is very near to town or locality and offers easy access to all type of information they provide. They even have websites to make your search a bit easier. Simply type down the information and get the result. They even let you have access to the original records and documents if necessary.

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