Cromartyshire County Public Records

Cromartyshire County Public Records

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The National Archives of Scotland H M General Register House
2 Princes Street

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+44(0)131 535 1314

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There is very limited information available specifically for Cromartyshire County. Please refer to the National Archives of Scotland website for information and records from Cromartyshire County.

Public Records holds the key to historic history. Also some information Public Records manage privately, particular information that’s not showcased publicly. Also private information is safely handled with strict guild-lines, that must be respected and followed out properly .

I have you know that exchequer records are available. These are simply the records that provide information on royal buildings and palaces before 1707. Another thing many of these records are published in accounts of the master of works. Another interesting thing, exchequer records include window tax, inhabited house tax among other taxation records of the 18th century era.

Another thing that can be found in public records of Scotland is Court records. The records of the Court of Session, the High Court of Justiciary, the Sheriff Courts, the records of Justice of the Peace and the Crown office, which holds a tremendous amount of building information.

Further more estate records are made available through the Public records Of Scotland.
There are various records of estates, that contain information on owner’s castle farms, mills, right down to the schools, cottages, bridges and roads. Many of this information is only granted access to those in search rooms and private hands only as well as being stored in Scotland’s Library.

lastly but surely not least, are churches. Church Records which are the records of the church of Scotland, the secession churches and many other denominations. There is a ton of information on manses, graveyards, schools and school houses.

Overall, enormous of information ca be made known or made available to the public of Scotland in Public Records, simply because plenty of Valuable and important information is kept there. Public Records is a wonderful resource for millions to take advantage of to travel back into past times, decades, and centuries ago.

There is a way of staying in contact with Public Records in Scotland and that in through The National Archives of Scotland, the address and contact information is located below.

The National Archives of Scotland
H M General Register House
2 Princes Street
Telephone: +44(0)131 535 1314


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