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Clare is a county in Ireland, located in the Mid-West Region, and is part of the province of Munster. In 2016, the county had a population of 118,817.  Clare is a region of maritime importance, bordered by the Atlantic in the west and Galway Bay in the northwest, and by the Shannon River in the east and south of the province of Munster.

The profusion of antiques and archeological relics spread around the county are a testament to its residents’ history. County Clare features at least 2300 forts of earth and stone, 130 megalithic tombstones, 190 castles, 150 historical churches, 3 cathedrals, 8 monasteries, 10 marble crosses, 5 circular towers, and many other monuments.

The County has remarkable natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes with several sandy beaches and protected harbors. Loop Head is the most prominent headland on the west shore, featuring several distinctive rock formations of geological importance. The Black Head coast road, bounded by the Atlantic and Aran islands, is a spectacular travel route, and at the other side, there is the Burren’s grey Hills. The Burren area consists of 375 square kilometers of undulating calcareous carboniferous environment on which plant plants flourish. The location is well-favored by cavers, potholes, and archaeologists.

Clare County Public RecordsIn 1780, John Lloyd described the county by saying, “From its agreeable situation, the climate is remarkably wholesome, the air clear and temperate, and the prospect pure and delightful.” To this day, County Clare remains a place of tremendous natural beauty as well as historical and archaeological importance.

Clare County Birth Records

You can either visit the General Register Office or the National Archives of Ireland to search for the needed birth records. The preparation of your visit in advance will greatly aid you to minimize your searching options and effectively use your time while you are there. A wide array of knowledge and information may be provided from birth records. They contain information ranging from the person’s name, age, gender, and even parents’ information, which may be very valuable in your searching quest.

Clare County Death Records

Death records from 1837 to 1957 and from 1984 to 2019 are available for free at the General Record Office (GRO). In addition to the time, place, and cause of death for the person you are searching for, you will be able to receive the entire surname, sex, marital status, and age. If the death records were provided before 1855, you can get the deceased person’s birth location and the names and ages of his children.

Clare County Marriage Records

Marriage documents may be of extremely beneficial and significant in your searching quest since they can help you to track down and learn more about a certain person you are looking for. Accordingly, you can get such marriage records by going to either the General Register Office or the Clare County Council. You will get access to a large number of papers organized into databases. You will also be provided the names of your wives, as well as their marriage year, location of marriage, and age.

Clare County Divorce Records

In Ireland, legal divorce legislation was not enacted until 1995. Divorce documents may contain a wealth of information on spouses and family, including the full names and dates of birth. Kidnappings, legal processes, and courts, among other matters, are all documented in the divorce records.

Clare County Genealogy Records

Birth, death, and marriage records may all be quite helpful in determining your ancestry or locating a specific family member. If the family member you are looking for is divorced or has a close relative who is divorced, divorce paperwork obtained through the courts may be useful. Remarkably, church records and parishes may also contain important genealogical material such as wills, burials, baptisms, and tax lists.

Clare County People Search Records

Please contact the Office of General Register if you are looking for a specific person. During your search quest, you can also find extra and readily available information in local libraries and newspapers, which can be very useful for you. To locate the individual you are searching for, you can use information such as birth certificates, death certificates, or marriage certificates.

Clare County Court Records

The Court records may be accessed at the National Archives of Ireland amongst a large number of archives dating back to 1992. Court records can provide you with a wide range of relevant information, including marriage certificates, property transfers, and property transfers with the names indicated. Newspapers may also be used to find more information such as court proceedings.

Clare County Criminal Records

The National Archives of Ireland has criminal records you might be searching for. Remember that it is always advisable to familiarize yourself with government legislation in order to help your search process go more smoothly. If, for example, a section references a crime or unfortunate circumstances, further information on the person in question can be found in local journals. Be mindful that the person you’re looking for might be a victim, a convicted criminal, or a witness to a crime.

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