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County Cork is situated in the province of Munster. This is found on the southern coast of Ireland and it is the largest county in the country. The name of this county derives from Gaelic. Namely, it is the word Corcaigh, which means marsh. The population of the county is 542, 868, which is the third-most populous county in Ireland, behind Dublin and Antrim.

Cork County RecordsCork County Birth Records

If you want to know more about the date of birth of a person, as well as some other personal details, you can search Cork County public birth records. If you are looking for a person born before civil registration started in Ireland, you are going to want to look at parish records. These were kept for many years and can possess interesting information. For birth records after 1864, visit The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media

From these birth records, you will get to know a person’s full name and gender. You can also find out details about their birth, including the date and place they were born. The mother and father’s names are included too.

Cork County Death Records

Cork County public death records are held by the General Register Office in Ireland. They are in charge of the system of registration in the country from 1864 to present day. If you are looking to find a death before civil registration started in 1864, it is going to be best to look at church records. For example, these could be held by the Church of Ireland or the Roman Catholic Church.

Indeed, there is a lot of good information you can gather about a person from Cork County death records. In order to carry out a successful search, it is beneficial to have the person’s full name. A rough date will also be helpful, as well as knowing where they were buried prior to 1864.

Cork County Marriage Records

When you are searching for a person, Cork County public marriage records can be helpful. For instance, you can find out more about where the marriage took place, the date it happened, and the full names and occupations of the bride and groom. Having basic information will be necessary to carry out the search. For instance, it can include the couple’s full names.

Cork County marriage records are held and managed by the General Register Office in Ireland. Thus, if you are looking for a marriage that took place in Cork after 1864, this should be your first port of call. For marriages before this date, churches are going to help all of the answers you are looking for.

Cork County Divorce Records

There can be some value gained from divorce records in Cork County. But, it is important to note that judicial divorce only became possible in Ireland from 1995. Some couples chose to divorce by going to England and Wales and this can mean that the records are held there.

Cork County divorce records can contain the following information. You can find out the names of the parties, as well as the date and place of the marriage. In addition, there can be details about the divorce.

Cork County Genealogy Records

Would you like to find out more about your ancestry and family history? You can benefit from studying Cork County genealogy records. There is a lot of valuable information held by the General Register Office in Ireland, as well as the National Archives. This can reveal information about a person, as well as the population, crime data and economic employment in the area at a certain time. There are a lot of public records you can explore.

Cork County People Search Records

A lot of individuals and organisations carry out a Cork County people search. This is going to enable you to find out a lot of personal details about someone. Since you know that they are from Cork, you can take advantage of public records that are available. This can reveal everything from their date of birth to marriages they have had.

A lot of information held about a person is going to be controlled by the General Register Office. This includes everything from birth and death records to marriage and civil partnership records in Ireland.

Cork County Court Records

The National Archives is going to hold a lot of older court records in Cork that you might be interested in. This is due to the National Archives Act 1986. This means that they are going to hold Cork County court records that are 20 years old and older. To access these records, you will need to know details such as the level of court, court sitting, and the date of the trial. For younger court records, it may be best to approach the court where the trial took place. You might be able to make a request for information.

Not a lot of people realise that Cork County court records can contain a lot of details about what a person’s physical appearance is. Of course, you are also going to find out the name, date of birth, and occupation of the person too.

Cork County Criminal Records

It is possible to access criminal records in Cork County. For example, this can reveal the type of offences someone has been convicted of, as well as the penalty for that crime. You will have to make a request for criminal records to the Garda Criminal Records Office, which is part of the Garda Síochána. This is the police force in operation in Ireland.

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