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Donegal is a county of Ireland named after the town of Donegal in the south of the county and located in the province of Ulster. The population of the county is around 159,192.  County Donegal is a stunningly beautiful place, with a 400-mile fjord-like coastline that is mountainous and curved. Despite being in the geographic province of Ulster, Donegal is one of three Ulster counties to remain under Irish government control after 1922. Given that it is Ireland’s northernmost county, it has a land border with three Northern Ireland counties and is just six miles from the rest of the County, Leitrim. Also, Derryveagh in the north and the Bluestacks in the south divide the county into two mountain peaks. The lovely picturesque peninsulas of Inishowen, Fanad, and Rosguill are formed by the severely indented coastline of Donegal, which forms Lough Swilly and Lough Foyle.

Donegal County Public RecordsDonegal County Birth Records

The General Register Office provides information on records dating back to 1864, which are readily available online with free access. Before their abolishment in 1922, the pre-1870 records were open to the public, and some of them were stored at the Public Record Office of Ireland (PROI), which has become the National Archives. Churches and parishes are also good places for you to look for birth certificates as well as important records. The National Archives can also provide you with birth certificates and long-lost parish registries.

Donegal County Death Records

Dearth records may provide you with a plethora of relevant data and information on the person you are searching for. Nevertheless, it is important to know that the National Archives does not contain any death records. Thereby, if you are interested to receive such records, you must head to the General Register Office. The records include information such as the person’s name, age, marital status, and time of illness. Also, such records carry more detailed information, including the informant’s signature, qualification, and residence, as well as the date, place, and cause of death.

Donegal County Marriage Records

The marriage records for Donegal County may be obtained through the General Register Office or the Donegal County Council. You will be permitted to go through a substantial number of papers that have been categorized into databases. You will receive the entire names of the spouses, as well as their year of marriage, location of marriage, and age. Accordingly, marriage documents are essential for tracking down a specific individual and learning more about their lineage.

Donegal County Divorce Records

In Ireland, divorce did not become legal until 1995. The National Archives of Ireland is a good place to start looking for and obtaining divorce documents in Donegal County. Looking into divorce documents may provide you a great deal of useful information, which can be of assistance in your searching quest. For instance, you may learn the names of the divorced spouses, their ages, and facts about their families, relatives, or any children they had.

Donegal County Genealogy Records

If the individual you are looking for is a probable family member or you are just interested in your lineage, you may choose to perform genealogical research. The National Archives of Ireland, in turn, provides you with access to a large database of public documents relating to death, marriage, divorce, crime, employment, and migration in Ireland. As a result, you will have a wealth of information that will surely enhance your search and make it much simpler.

Donegal County People Search

If you are looking for missing people or probable relatives, the General Register Office, Donegal County Council, and public libraries in Donegal may be of assistance in your quest. Newspapers, particularly local ones, are another source that may encompass extra information about the individual you are searching for. However, bear in mind that if you are searching for an individual of interest, exploring genealogy databases is the greatest place to start.

Donegal County Court Records

Numerous court documents from the Irish state’s formation in 1992 are held by the National Archives of Ireland. Documentation and records from court proceedings, marriage and divorce certificates, and birth and death certificates are among the records kept by the courts. Researchers should understand the court level to which the document belongs, as well as the court hearing and date, before beginning their research. Further data and information such as court dates can be found in newspapers.

Donegal County Criminal Records

The National Archives of Ireland is a good place to start looking for criminal records. However, before you plan to visit, you are advised to do some research and learn about the history of the documents, how, and where are they preserved. Fully understanding the government, court, or individual that issued the document will make your research smoother if you do some study ahead of time.

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