Longford County Public Records

Ireland County Public Records – Longford are available through the following sources:

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However, the General Register Office is responsible for providing records, such as marriage, death, and genealogy. While registration is free, you will have to pay a small fee to obtain the required certificate. You can apply for a copy online, in person, or by post.

The Ireland County Public Records have been an integral component of genealogical research for centuries. The records date back to the 12th Century. Many contain detailed descriptions of early Irish life—Longford, situated in the heart of Ireland and was established in 1570.

The county is not as densely populated as other Irish counties, with approximately 40,873 people in 2016, making it one of the smallest Irish counties with a total land area of about 1,091 km². Longford County it’s home to notable landmarks such as the Church of Ireland and the Church of St. Mary of The Chapel on Black Abbey Street.

Longford County Public Records

Longford County Birth Records

Longford County birth records are available to the public. Anyone looking for information on someone born in Longford County can find it in the records. The records are online and can be found by visiting The State Archive website or The National Archives of Ireland.

The archives contain essential information about births and deaths. They are a valuable resource for researchers, historians, genealogists, or anyone interested in understanding more about their family history.

Longford County Death Records

Longford County death records can provide some insight into family dynamics from the past. The records from 1837-1957 and 1984-2019 detail the names, ages, and cause of death of those who died in Longford County during a specific time. This information is interesting because it shows how families may have had a history of certain diseases or shortened life spans at no additional cost from the GRO.

As earlier mentioned, these records are an easy way to find out details about a person’s death, what happened on the day of their death, and their relatives. From these records, it’s possible to learn more about the person’s life before they died and any children or other family members who may have been present.

Longford County Marriage Records

Longford County marriage records are often overlooked when looking for your family information. Not only do they have the full name of the bride and groom, but also the date they were married, where they were married, if there is testimony about their marriage intentions, and if any children were born to them.

These records date as far back as the 1700s and go up to the present day. They are an invaluable resource for those looking to find out more about their genealogy. In addition, they can be helpful for those who want to know more about the history of this great county; they give you great insight into not just your family tree but specifically who you are descended from in Longford County.

Longford County Divorce Records

Longford County divorce records are available by searching the county records at the courthouse in Longford. However, divorce records before 1995 didn’t exist because legislation on legal divorce hadn’t started before then. Nevertheless, you can obtain these records now from the GRO office directly or through Longford County Council.

These records will often include the names of both spouses, the date of the divorce, and what state and county the divorce was granted. However, this will also include the divorce decree and court proceedings in this set of information.

Longford County Genealogy Records

Many people are curious about their roots, where their ancestors came from. It’s natural to wonder about your family tree and the lives of your family members who have passed away, and Longford County genealogy records can help you find out more.

Most importantly, individuals can find the Longford County genealogy records in the county courthouse. The documents are kept in the courthouse’s basement and require an appointment with the archivist to access them. Records include birth, marriage, death, census records, military service records, parish registers, and more.

In addition, libraries in Longford County, Ireland, are home to genealogy records dating back to the 1800s. The libraries offer many different types of genealogy services, including research assistance for those trying to find out more about their family history.

Longford County People Search Records

The internet can be an excellent resource to find information about people. For instance, Longford County people’s search record, an online public records database, is a great tool for anyone looking to research their family tree. This database covers birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, and more!

Finding information about a person in Longford County is much easier than you think. Searching for past property transactions or looking up old phone numbers can be much more time-consuming than you expect. That’s why it’s essential to start with an online search to see if there are any social media profiles that you can check out or see if they have any postings on their public profile, which could help you find the information you’re seeking.

Longford County Court Records

Longford County court records can produce a detailed history of prior dealings with law enforcement and judicial systems. You can use these records to determine if one has a clean criminal record or has been convicted in the past for various crimes. It is essential to keep copies of these documents to protect oneself from misrepresentation and slander if someone claims to have received information about you illegally.

Essentially, Longford County court records, alongside other numerous archives, could be found in The National Archives of Ireland. However, such documents only date back to 1992, so you may not find any court document before then.

It’s worth noting that the service offers information on traffic tickets, misdemeanors, felonies, civil cases, probates, and more. In contrast, the court records section includes criminal offenses like indecent exposure, assault, drug possession, and theft. You can find detailed information for each crime on the site by selecting the appropriate category.

Longford County Criminal Records

It is not uncommon for people to check out the criminal records of those they know or might even date. Criminal records can be an essential piece of information for evaluating a candidate’s background and desired lifestyle. Longford County has many available resources for obtaining this information and finding out what someone’s criminal history may show.

Criminal records could include arrests, charges, warrants, convictions, incarcerations, and dispositions.

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