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Siligo is a county in Ireland located in the western province of Connacht. As of 2016, the population of the county was 20,000. Sligo is a derivation of the Irish name Sligeach, which means “abounding in shells”. It alludes to the richness of shellfish present on the estuary, and the wide middle coast along the banks of the Sligo Bay. Originally, the name was referred to the river, then to the town and finally the county when it was formed in 1561.

Silgo County Public RecordsThe county comprises a medieval central street layout with numerous architecturally noteworthy structures that were mostly built in the 19th century. The county features a high street that goes down from the south of the city and ends at Market Cross, a model common for Norman streets. It joins the east-west route to St. John’s Cathedral from the Abbey Quarter, to the west. It seems like it was the first street in the city. The long narrow borders of the town center also reflect the Norman origin.

Sligo saw significant economic expansion in the nineteenth century and consequently the transformation of architecture was rapid. [19] The building of numerous public structures has highlights this phenomenon. Among these is the Sligo Town Hall, a Lombards-Romanesque built by William Hague. The asymmetrical neogothic edifice on the Teeling Street, designed by Rawson Carroll and constructed in 1878, is Sligo Courthouse.

Silgo County Birth Records

To search for the required birth records, you can visit either the General Register Office or the National Archives of Ireland. Preparing for your visit ahead of time will considerably assist you in limiting your search options and making the most of your time while you are there. Birth records can offer a wealth of knowledge and information. They hold information such as the person’s name, age, gender, and even information about their parents, which could be extremely useful in your search.

Silgo County Death Records

The General Record Office provides you with free access to death records from 1837 to 1957, and from 1984 to 2019. You will be able to obtain the whole surname, sex, marital status, and age of the individual you are looking for, as well as information related to the time, location, and cause of death. If the death records are from before 1855, you can learn about the deceased’s birthplace as well, in addition to his children’s names and ages.

Silgo County Marriage Records

Marriage documents can be very useful and beneficial in your searching endeavor, because they may enable you to locate and learn more about the individual you are seeking. As a result, such marriage records can be obtained by visiting either the General Register Office or the Silgo County Council. You will acquire access to databases containing a huge number of publications. You will also be given the names of your spouses, and further information about their marriage year, location, and age.

Silgo County Divorce Records

Legal divorce legislation was not introduced in Ireland until 1995. Divorce records may include a lot of information on spouses and family members, such as complete names and birth dates. The records also include information on kidnappings, judicial proceedings, and courts, among other things.

Silgo County Genealogy Records

Birth, death, and marriages record may be extremely beneficial while searching for your ancestry or a certain family member. If you desire to find and locate a divorced family member or if have a close relative who is also divorced, divorce documents received by the courts might be beneficial. Notably significant genealogical information, including wills, funerals, baptisms and lists of taxes, might include Church records and parishes.

Silgo County People Search Records

You are kindly requested to the General Registry Office if you are looking for a particular person. You may also locate more and publicly available information in local libraries and newspapers throughout your search, which can be quite helpful. You can utilize information from birth certificates, death certificates, or marriage certificates to find the person you are searching for.

Silgo County Court Records

The records of the Court are available from several sources from 1992 at the National Archives of Ireland. A variety of important information can be provided to you by court documents, such as, marriage certificates, money transactions, and property transfers with the names of these individuals listed. Additional information such as judicial proceedings may also be found in newspapers.

Silgo County Criminal Records

You can start looking for criminal records at Ireland’s National Archives. Keep in mind that knowledge of government laws is always desirable to make your search procedure easier. For instance, if a part refers to a crime or terrible circumstances, the local journals might have more information about the individual in issue. Bear in mind that a victim, a convicted individual or a criminal witness may be the person you are looking for.

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