South Dublin County Public Records

In the province of Leinster in Ireland, you will find the county of South Dublin. It is the second biggest administrative county in Dublin and the county town is called Tallaght. In terms of population, County South Dublin has the sixth-largest in the country at 278,767. The area was created in 1994, with a combination of suburbs, farmland, and hilly green spaces.

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South Dublin Birth Records

One of the first places people start when they are trying to find out about a relative is by looking at South Dublin birth records. Indeed, there is a lot of great information that can be gained from birth records. You will be able to find out their full name, gender, date, and place of birth, and even their mother and father’s name.

When it comes to civil records in South Dublin, the General Register Office is in charge of them. This means that if you are looking for birth records after 1864 and the start of civil registration, this is going to be where you are going to find them. For before this time period, it is best to search parish records in South Dublin. This might also come under County Dublin since South Dublin was created in 1994.

South Dublin County Public Records South Dublin Death Records

Death records are also beneficial when you are researching someone. You can find out a relative or friend’s full name, as well as details of when they were born and when they passed away. The General Register Office in Ireland is responsible for holding death records in South Dublin after 1864.

If you are looking for death records before 1964, it will be best to start your research in parish records. This might take some more work to find the person you are looking for. But, churches did keep detailed records of deaths in the country before civil registration began.

South Dublin Marriage Records

If you are looking for more than one relative, marriage records can be a fantastic source of information for you. This is due to providing details on each person who got married in South Dublin, Ireland. For example, you can find out the full names of the couple and what their occupations were at the time. You can find out the exact date and place where the marriage took place.

It is important to know that South Dublin marriage records are kept by the General Register Office after 1864. However, if it was a non-Catholic marriage, the General Register Office will also keep records from 1845. For marriages before 1845 for non-Catholic marriages and before 1864 for Catholic marriages, the best place to look is going to be in church records.

South Dublin Divorce Records

A fuller picture of someone’s life can be gained by South Dublin divorce records. You can find out who a person was married to and what the date and place the union was celebrated. Divorce records can even contain details of why the couple wanted to separate and if there are any children involved.

In Ireland, judicial divorce was allowed from 1995. This means that if a couple were trying to divorce before this time, the records might only be available in England and Wales. A lot of people traveled there to get a divorce.

South Dublin Genealogy Records

Are you trying to learn more about your ancestry or trying to track down any relatives you may have? Genealogy records in South Dublin are going to be able to help you with your research. Again, the General Register Office is going to be helpful with a range of public records, as well as the National Archives. You can find out details about a relative, plus look into the crime data and economic employment of an area to gain a better understanding of their life.

South Dublin People Search Records

It is common for those researching their family to conduct a people search in South Dublin. You can find out more personal information about a person such as a relative. Of course, you already know they are from South Dublin. So, there are a lot of public records here that you can look through and have access to. You can find out more about that person, such as their full date of birth or whether they were married. For a person from South Dublin, public records are held by the General Register Office in Ireland.

South Dublin Court Records

South Dublin court records are any records that are created in relation to court proceedings in the county. It can be possible to find out information from older court records thanks to the National Archives Act 1986. If the court records are 20 years or older, they can be accessed by the public when they have some basic information. This can include the date of the trial and the court the trial took place in. It can be more difficult to access recent court records and you may have to approach the court in South Dublin.

South Dublin Criminal Records

Under certain circumstances, it can be possible to access criminal records in South Dublin. This would be able to tell you if a person had committed and been convicted of any offences. In order to do this, you will have to make a request to the Garda Criminal Records Office, which is the police force in Ireland.

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