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Tipperary is a county in the south of Ireland that is part of the province of Munster. In 2016, the county had a population of 159,553. Tipperary is of great value to the national pride of Ireland. It has been called the Premier County of Ireland, which is a nickname that dates back to 1840. Thomas Davis famously wrote a song about the county praising it for its people’s sense of nationalism. In his writing, he stated that ‘Where Tipperary leads, Ireland follows.’ It is also the largest inland county in Ireland. The Galtee Mountains, the River Suir, and other stunning landscapes contribute to the county’s beautiful landscape.

Tipperary County Birth Records

Tipperary Public RecordsYou can search birth records at the General Register Office or the National Archives of Ireland. Preparing for your visit is a great way to facilitate your search and get the most out of your visit. Birth records are a great source of information. They contain a person’s name, age, gender, and even information about the parents, which can be very helpful for your search.

Tipperary County Death Records

Searching the General Record Office (GRO) can help you find death records between 1837 to 1957 and 1984 to 2019 for free. On the death record, you can find the person’s full name, sex, marital status, and age in addition to the time, place, and cause of death. Exceptionally, for death records issued in 1855, you can obtain the deceased’s birthplace in addition to names and ages of his or her kids.

Tipperary County Marriage Records

In order to obtain marriage records in Tipperary, you can resort to the General Register Office or the Tipperary County Council. There you can search a huge database of records and find specific information such as the full names of the spouses and the date of marriage.

Tipperary County Divorce Records

Legislation for judicial divorce in Ireland was announced in 1995. Divorce records can provide you with many details about the spouses and the family they had including full names and dates of birth. Also, the records include cases of child abduction, court hearings, and tribunals among others.

Tipperary County Genealogy Records

Birth certificate records, death certificate records, and marriage records can be extremely beneficial in case you are trying to trace your family tree or are searching for a specific family person. Divorce records found at courts can be of assistance in case your family member was divorced or had a divorced relative. Also, church records and parishes can hold vital information for genealogical searches such as wills, burials, baptisms, and tax lists.

Tipperary County People Search Records

You can refer to the General Register Office to start a search for particular people. Other options include local libraries and newspapers. Such resources can provide you with birth certificates, death certificates, or marriage records that are necessary to find someone.

Tipperary County Court Records

Court records can be found at the National Archives of Ireland with the majority of the collections dating back to 1992. A lot of helpful information can be obtained from court records like certificates of marriage, transfer of property, and transfer of wealth with names indicated. Newspapers can you identify more information like court dates.

Tipperary County Criminal Records

The National Archives of Ireland can help you look for criminal records. Remember that it is always better to familiarize yourself with the government’s judicial laws to make your search process easier. Also, local newspapers can offer more information about the person in mind if for example there is a section about him/ her mentioning a crime or any unfortunate incident. Keep in mind that the person you are looking for may be a convict, victim, or witness to a crime.

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