Antrim County Public Records

Antrim, Northern Ireland Public Record Office

66 Balmoral Avenue

County Antrim

Phone Number:
028 90251318

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Antrim, Northern Ireland Public Record Office is a government entity which is the official archive for Antrim County with the objective to identify and preserve records of historical, social and cultural importance. Antrim County is located in the north east coast of Northern Ireland. The County is famous for the rich history of its Celtic origin. The county’s existing parishes embodies a number of townlands which contributes greatly to the knowledge of one’s ancestral background and comes in handy during research. Many researches use this public record office for identification purposes and the ability to have access to preserved records.

Church records that are found at the Antrim public office are taken advantage of for anyone interested in tracing their family tree. They comprise of registers of baptism, marriages and burials. Civil registers for births, marriages and deaths go way back from the 1800s and can be found in their general registry department. The census records that the public office holds such as that of the year 2001 showing a population of up to 75,000. Among other records that can be retrieved from the office include Bible records, Biographies and even Headstones.

The estate papers of the Earls of Antrim form one of the largest collections of deposited papers in the Antrim public office, these documents comprise of approximately 50,000 documents anywhere from descendants and the people who lived and worked on the estate over a period of 300 years. Such information plays a great role in the history of Antrim County.

Many civil registrations under church, baptisms, marriages and deaths are available online under topics such as Emerald Ancestors or Irish Genealogy. In the past one had to order the records or go directly to the public office to obtain any information of their interest. The PRONI (Public Record Office of Northern Ireland) website is also a popular tool with tons of information. Some of the Antrim record offices are located on Balmoral Avenue in Belfast and Lombard Street East in the Dublin area. The fact that the county office embraces central and local government, the church and private sectors is unique to the county. Materials have been collected from many people and sources both locally and abroad.

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