Belfast County Public Records

Belfast, Northern Ireland Public Record Office

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2 Titanic Boulevard Queens Island
Belfast, County Antrim BT3 9HQ, United Kingdom

Phone Number:
+44 28 9025 5905

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At the public record office, you can research your family’s history and lineage. The most common records are birth, wedding, and death records. Thus, you will be able to trace back your family history to its origins. The public records office is also home to ongoing exhibits that illustrate the history of Northern Ireland. The current exhibit is called ‘A Century of Change, Conflict and Transformation.’ It shows the turbulent history of the country during the past one hundred years. It discusses the Belfast Blitz and its upcoming 70th anniversary.

The building itself is a modern structure with its many glass windows the prominent feature. The public record office is open free of charge to anyone who wished to research the records. One can also attend frequent lectures at the building sponsored by the Public Records Office. You can visit the PRONI website for more information about upcoming events, research library hours and more.

If you have ever wondered about your family’s history and connection to Northern Ireland, then there is no better place to look than at the Northern Ireland Public Record Office in Belfast. If you are not able to find the detailed records you desire, then you should be at least pointed in the right direction towards smaller counties that may have more details.

However, if you are more interested in the government affairs of the country, then the Public Records Office is a great place to start. You will be able to browse The Irish State Papers which are the diaries of every Northern Ireland Secretary of State. The records date back to the late 18th century during the reign of King Henry VIII. Thus, these documents are invaluable to the understanding of national affairs and business if you are interested in the history of Northern Ireland.

You can even use the archives of the public record to look at the history of an assumed property. You can see what was built, past owners, and even important historical information about the property in general. If you are in need of any records from family history to national affairs, then the Northern Ireland Public Record Office is the place to visit.

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