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There are six counties in Northern Ireland. One of them is called Down County, which is found in the province of Ulster. Down is the fourth-most populous county in Northern Ireland, after Dublin, Antrim, and Cork. It has a population of 531, 665. The largest town found in Down County is Bangor and the majority of the county is known to be Protestant.

Down County RecordsDown County Birth Records

When someone wants to find out more information about an individual, often a distant relative, they take a look at their birth records. If you know that the person was in Down County in Northern Ireland, this is going to be where you begin your search. It is important to note that civil registration started in the 19th century. This means that the General Register Office is going to keep Down County birth records after this time. If you are looking for a person born before 1864, you will be better looking at parish records.

A lot of details can be revealed on birth records. This includes a person’s first and surname, as well as their gender and where they were born. You can also find out the mother and father’s names.

Down County Death Records

You can learn more about a person’s life by looking at death records in Down County. For instance, you can learn a person’s place of birth and where they died. In order to make a search, it will be beneficial to know their full name. Of course, since you know that they are from Down County, this is going to help narrow down your search for the right person.

In Northern Ireland, civil registration started in the 19th century. This meant that parish records were no longer necessary for death records and they were not in charge of keeping them. Thus, if the person died after 1864, the General Register Office in Belfast is going to manage the records. Alternatively, you can contact a church for information in the local area.

Down County Marriage Records

When searching for family members, it can be beneficial to check Down County marriage records. This is going to tell you information about the bride and groom. When you have their full names, this is going to reveal more details about them. For example, this can include when the marriage took place and where. It can also include the date of birth and occupations of the couple.

If you are looking for marriage records in Down County, you are going to find them at the General Register Office. They have been held here since 1922. Any marriages that you believe took place before this time may be held by a local church in the area.

Down County Divorce Records

Just like marriage records, divorce records can also reveal interesting information about a person or relative. If you are looking for divorce records in Down County and Northern Ireland, it is going to be best to contact the court where it was granted. For example, this is going to be a county court or the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast. You may have to provide some basic information to gain access to Down County divorce records.

Down County Genealogy Records

Do you think that you have roots in Down County? You can benefit from searching the genealogy records in Northern Ireland. This is going to allow you to find out information about your ancestry and family history. For example, you are going to be able to learn a lot from the National Archives of Ireland. In addition, you can carry out searches online to find out about crime, population, and economic employment in Down County at the time. Public records are there to help you.

Down County People Search Records

A Down County people search can let you learn more about a relative you had or allow you to piece together a family tree. Thankfully, there are public records in Northern Ireland that can help you and they can reveal a lot of information. For example, you can find everything from birth records to divorce records in Down County. Again, the best place to find these types of records is through the General Register Office.

Down County Court Records

A lot of people do not realise that they can access court records in Down County. This can help you find out useful details about a person. For example, you can make a request for court records to the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland or PRONI. You will be required to keep the information that is accessed confidential.

Note that there are different courts in operation in Northern Ireland. For example, for non-criminal matters and those classed as civil, the case is going to be dealt with by the county court.

Down County Criminal Records

It is possible to carry out a criminal background check on a person in Northern Ireland. This is going to give you access to criminal records in Down County. However, this is not something that can be done freely. You will have to fill out a form and provide certain identification documents on a person. There can also be a fee involved.

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