Down County Public Records

Down, Northern Ireland Public Record Office

2 Titanic Boulevard Queens Island
Belfast, County Antrim BT3 9HQ, United Kingdom

Phone Number:
+44 28 9025 5905

Email Address:


You can find the Down, Nothern Ireland Public Records Office. You can find the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) at: 2 Titanic Boulevard, BELFAST, BT3 9HQ. When you go to the office, it’s recommended that you bring two forms of identification. Consumers in wheelchairs will be able to access the building. It doesn’t cost any money to look at the records. It is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment to come to the office, especially if your coming from overseas. You don’t need an appointment to go to the records office.

The purpose of the Down Northern Ireland Public Record Office is to hold information about the country’s extensive history. Many consumers who go to the building want to learn about their extensive family history; although some professionals need access to the information. The information may be available in a variety of places, not just the Public Record Office. Some of the information is public records, and some of the information has been supplied by private records.

Most of the the records date back to the 1600s, although there are some records that are earlier than that date. You can find records about the Republic of Ireland at the office; however, there are not too many from that part of the world at the office. The Irish records office has been around since 1923, so the department has an extensive history in its self. Since its inception, the department has moved places several times. Some of the records can be found online, but most of the records are in their orginal paper copy.

Most of the records that are available at the office have been made public but some of the records are closed to the general public. All of the records center around the island of Ireland. There are a lot of unique records at the office. When you go to the office, you will probably find information about Great Britian mixed in with the information from England. We hope that you can find the records that your looking for when you come to the office!

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