Fermanagh County Public Records

Fermanagh, Northern Ireland Public Record Office

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2 Titanic Boulevard Queens Island
Fermanagh, Townhall, Enniskillen, BT74 7BA

Phone Number:
+028 6632 5050

+028 6632 7969

+028 6632 5050

Email Address:

When you go to to the Fermanagh, Northern Ireland Public Record Office, you can find the building at the following address, Townhall, Enniskillen, BT74 7BA. The phone number of the business is 028 6632 5050. If your deaf or hard hearing, you can dial the following number 028 6632 7969. The fax number for the business is 028 6632 2024. The email address is fdc@fermanagh.gov.uk.

The purpose of the government office to make sure Northern Ireland’s unique history does not get forgotten. You can get millions of public records at the build; some of the records are not exclusive to the country though. The earliest records at the government building are from c.1600 to the present. You can also find several records from the thirteenth century at the public record office. All of the records can be classifed under one of two records, public records or privately deposited archives.

Most of the public records from the country start as early as 1921 and they go through the present day. Some of the records go through the 18th and 19th centuries. In order for the document to be considered a public document, it had to have been made by an “official” source. Some offical sources include: non-departmental public organisations and government departments. The non-departmental public organisations are: courts of law, non-departmental public bodies, and local authorities.

There is a wide range of sources for privately deposited archives; you will find everythinf from church registers to business records. It may just be one emigrant letter or it can be an estate archive that has thousands of belonings from a three hundred year time period.

Anyone is welcome to look at the records in the building, but it’s recommended that children who are under fourteen years old, should be accomended by an adult. To look at the records, you don’t need an appointment. To get faster service, you should consider getting an appointment. There is no charge to access the records in the building. When customers come to the building, they can see a lot of the records that are available at the office.

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