Londonderry County Public Records

Londonderry, Northern Ireland Public Record Office

The address of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland is:

2 Titanic Boulevard Queens Island, Belfast, Antrim BT3 9HQ, United Kingdom

If you wish to contact the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, you can do so by dialing the following number:
+44 28 9053 4800

The Londonderry office contains corporation records. The records are held at Derry City Council archive, which is located at the Foyle Valley Railway Museum. Here you can find records from minute volumes and correspondence. The Minute volumes are books that provides descriptive details about the history of the city of Derry. It dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries before the city became industrialized. During this time, the dominant market was the Diamond. The are numerous volumes that one can choose to read from to gain comprehensive knowledge about the city of Derry. In total, there are twenty three volumes. The first one begins in 1673 through 1686. The last volume starts from 1896 and ends in 1901. Each minute volume includes meetings of the Common Council. It also features the members that were present at those meetings.

The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland has many sections. The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland features the corporation records. It contain records related to finance, education, health, housing, transportation, water, and welfare. For more details about Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, you can learn additional information by eCatolog section on the following web page:

The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland also has other subsections on its webpage that one may visit. Those subsections include family history, local history, education and academics, talks and events, your records, and professional information. You can click on the link provided on the sidebar to retrieve extensive details about the given subsections. You can also search the online guides and indexes to learn more about the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland. Learn about street directories and freeholder’s records. By visiting the above website, you will have access to a host of informative information. Click on the link now, to go directly to the website.

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