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Londonderry City

Londonderry is the second biggest city in Northern Ireland. It is also more colloquially known as Derry. The population of the city was 247,132 in 2011. Information about the residents can be found at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland which is located in Belfast, BT3 9HQ, United Kingdom. To contact the office, you can call +44 28 9053 4800 and visit the website, Northern Ireland Executive,  for any inquiries. In case you traveling there for the first time, you need to bring with you photographic identification.  Staff is always available to help you search through the records and answer your questions. The vast collection of records includes a public section consisting of governmental records and court records in addition to private records like estate documents and letters of immigration.

The Londonderry office contains corporation records. The records are held at the Derry City Council archive, which is located at the Foyle Valley Railway Museum. Here you can find records from minute volumes and correspondence. The Minute volumes are books that provide descriptive details about the history of the city of Derry. It dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries before the city became industrialized. During this time, the dominant market was the Diamond. There are numerous volumes that one can choose to read from to gain comprehensive knowledge about the city of Derry. In total, there are twenty-three volumes. The first one begins in 1673 through 1686. The last volume starts from 1896 and ends in 1901. Each minute volume includes meetings of the Common Council. It also features the members that were present at those meetings.

The city of Londonderry is famous for its rich history. Between the 6th century and the 11th century, it was largely a monastic settlement. The city’s location over the River Foyle made it a strategic point for invaders. Moreover, it was the first planned city in the United Kingdom (UK) that also became the first UK city of culture in 2013.  Tourists visit the city to admire its unique architecture and enjoy its museums and shopping centers. The city was even called the fourth-best city in the world to visit in 2013.

Londonderry County Birth Records

The General Register Office has birth records dating to 1864. You can visit the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland to view them, but you need to schedule a visit beforehand. Preparing for your visit is a great way to facilitate your search and get the most out of your visit. The birth records are a great source of information. They contain a person’s name, age, gender, and even information about the parents, which can be very helpful for your search.

Londonderry County Death Records

Death records from 1864 can be obtained from the General Register Office. In the record, you can find information on the deceased’s name, occupation, age, marital state, and place or date of death. Moreover, there are several 3rd party genealogy and ancestry websites to help you start your search for a lost family member or for learning more about a specific person.

Londonderry County Marriage Records

Marriage records contain a lot of information about a married couple and their families. You can order the certificates at the General Register Office. These records can provide you the full names of the spouses and the date of marriage. Sometimes the place of residence of the couple is indicated which can prove to be helpful for your search

Londonderry County Divorce Records

Londonderry’s divorce records can be found at courts such as the Royal Courts of Justice (Belfast) or Londonderry’s county court. The website of Northern Ireland Court Service has numerous records. These records include cases of child abduction, court hearings, and tribunals among others.

Londonderry County Genealogy Records

A geological search is always the best place to start in case you are trying to trace your family tree or find a missing relative. To do this, you need to resort to the Londonderry public records. can also be helpful for identifying the person’s full name, age, place, and date of birth. Local newspapers and libraries are great search options as well.

Londonderry County People Search Records

The General Register Office or is one of the first places to resort to in your search for a specific person. Other useful resources include libraries in Londonderry county or any local newspapers that may give you more clues regarding your search.

Londonderry County Court Records

Many legal documents can be obtained from The Royal Courts of Justice (Belfast) or Londonderry’s county court. In case some records are missing, you need to search the National Archives of Ireland, which have a vast collection of legal documents. Their records are documents of court hearings, marriage or divorce certificates, and birth or death certificates.

Londonderry County Criminal Records

Criminal records can be found at the Royal Courts of Justice (Belfast) or Londonderry’s county court. Local newspapers can also offer more information about the person in mind if for example there is a section about him/ her mentioning a crime or any unfortunate incident. Keep in mind that the person you are looking for maybe a convict, victim, or witness to a crime. Thus, you need to apply a thorough research strategy.

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