Tyrone County Public Records

Tyrone County, Northern Ireland Public Records Office

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Omagh District Council, The Grange, Mountjoy Road, Omagh, Co. Tyrone BT79 7BL

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028 8224 5321

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The County of Tyrone Ireland Genealogical Research Website




The public records for Tyrone County are located on the above websites. Below is a list of some of the types of records found on the websites as well as examples of what is found under that category:
• Births- This contains birth records from various parishes as well as birth announcements.
• Born in Tyrone and buried in another place- This includes deaths or marriages that took place in Canada and Australia.
• Burial and death records- Records for various parishes as well as for some Presbyterian churches.
• Census- The census records for various parishes, as well as for people from County Tyrone who lived in other places.
• Church leaders- Records of church leaders for the Church of Ireland and also for Presbyterian churches.
• Criminal and court records- Records from assizes that took place in the 1800s and of convicts that were sent to convict colonies in Australia.
• Abstracts of deeds- Various deeds talking about the passage of land and items over a period of time.
• Emigration information- Records of emigrations to Canada and the United States.
• Estate records- Records of various estates discussing their tenants and rents.
• Graveyard records and photographs from around County Tyrone.
• Letters between individuals and letters from Canada.
• Maps
• Muster rolls and military information- Documents listing troops from County Tyrone dating from different time periods. Some also include the rank of various soldiers and/or the weapons they used.
• Obituaries of specific people and of people who were born in County Tyrone.
• Photographs- These were divided into business, church, old family, tombstones, and town or scenic. There are also some photographs that the website wants people to help identify.
• Passenger lists from ships- Some of the passenger lists include information about the ship and voyage or more details about the people who were aboard.
• Wills from Tyrone and some located in other places.

There is also a special page that contains links to websites where other information can be found from Tyrone County. Click here to go to this page. Some of the links are to local history societies. There are also links to websites with more detailed church information.

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