Anglesey County Public Records

Anglesey, Wales Public Records Office

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Anglesey Archives Industrial Estate Road
Bryn Cefni Industrial Estate Llangefni
Anglesey Wales Ll77 7JA

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9:15 am- 4:45 pm (closes for an hour between 1pm and 2pm)
Tuesday: 2pm- 4:45 pm
Saturday: 9:15am- 1pm (only the first Saturday of the month)

Services Offered:
The archive posses documents that date from the 1500s to the present. The items found here include census returns, parish records, maps, photographs, local government records, ships’ crew lists, records pertaining to non-conformists, education records, voting registries, gravestone inscriptions, tax records, and newspapers. These items are available to the public for free. However, there are rules that researchers have to follow, including booking space in the main reading area.

The archives also provide suggestions to people doing genealogical research. If a researcher is looking for records of baptisms, marriages, and deaths that occurred before 1837, the Parish Registers are the place he or she will have to look. In 1837, the civil registration of deaths, births, and marriages began. The archives contain all of the registers for the Anglesey Parishes. The records from after 1837 are held by the General Register Office.

The Anglesey Archive Service offers several other services for researchers. They will copy documents for researchers and provide the copies in several different formats. The archives also provide informational talks for visitors.

The most important resource that the Anglesey Archive Service offers is knowledgeable staff members. They can provide serious and casual researchers with the information necessary to answer questions. Trained staff can point researchers towards materials that can help them answer their questions. This can sometimes include sources of information the researcher might not have thought on his/her own. Taking advantage the staff members’ knowledge at any archive is always beneficial because they usually have the most information about their holdings. When visiting an archives, make sure to learn about any rules the archive has before your arrival. For example, some archives do not allow the use of laptops. Other archives require researchers to have some form of identification. If you know what documents you want to study, contact the archives ahead of time so the staff can have the documents waiting.

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