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Glamorgan Archives
Clos Parc Morgannwg
CF11 8AW

The Glamorgan Archives is an incredible place to be if you are looking for historical record of just about anything related to the recent past of counties gone by. In these archives, you will find records relating to the Archdiocese of Cardiff, the ecclesiastical parish of the Diocese of Llandaff, the former administrative counties of South Glamorgan and Mid Glamorgan, and the county of Glamorgan before the year 1974. If this sounds like a lot of records, that is because it is.

The Glamorgan Archives has records over 8 kilometres in length in our storage rooms. These records start from present day and date all the way back to the twelfth century. As you can tell, there are a lot of records to go through if you have something specific you are looking for. If you feel that you cannot conduct the search for the records on your own, the Glamorgan Archives does have a paid research service that can be provided.

Before You Go

Upon your first visit, you must register using two forms of identification. It is important to know what you can and cannot use while in the Glamorgan Archives as many record offices do have different rules. You are allowed to use your own laptop and digital camera. However, before you can take any photographs of the documents, you have to speak to the Duty Archivist in order to complete a personal photography form. No pens are allowed in the Searchroom so make sure that you bring a pencil or two with you.

Help With Research

If you are bound and determined that you are going to go through all of the records yourself to find just what you are looking for, then you are going to want to make sure that you find the Glamorgan Archives and that you have the correct hours of operation.

Hours Of Operation

While generally closed on the weekends, you can find the Glasmorgan Archives open on the second Saturday of every month between the hours of 9am-12pm. Mondays hours are 1pm-5pm and Tuesday through Friday is 9am-5pm.

The office can be reached by telephone at (029) 2087 2200 or by email at If you have any questions or concerns you will want to make sure that you are making contact with the Glamorgan Archives before heading out there

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