Newport County Public Records

Newport County in Wales Public Records Office

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The Newport County Public Records Office is currently under the care of the Gwent archives and maintains a highly accessible public records collection dating back to the mid Nineteenth Century. The governmental reorganisation of this records collection was mandated in 1974, but the records contained are stalwart and complete to best of modern archival techniques.

The Newport collections are still under catalogue construction, but are completely open to visitors eager for a look at some of the most important personal history records in the country. The archives are open anyone seeking familial information, as well as, legal ties relating to long held proprietary contracts and arrangements. The Newport Collection is one of the newest, most detailed and eye-opening Welsh archives yet displayed.

The Newport Collection is affiliated with the National Library of Wales and the National Museum of Wales and Archifau Cymru. These foundation connections allow the Newport County Public Records Office to retain complete information and autonomous oversight of the items housed. The information contained in the Newport County records reach into highly sensitive and mysterious regions of centuries past, but still retains detailed and highly accurate dates of portent including births, deaths, nuptials and property deed transfers. In essence, the entire history of the residents and businesses of Newport County have been collated and preserved for public viewing and research. Access times are monitored strictly so planning a viewing of Newport County records is recommended without prejudice.

All Newport County Public Records inquiries should be directed to the Gwent Archives. The physical archives located at Steelworks Road, Ebbw Gwent Vale Blaenau is open to the public during these hours.



2nd Saturday Of Each Month


Telephone Enquiries should be directed during operating hours to:

01495 353363

All Internet and Email Correspondence is received at:

Newport County, Wales archives is rich in family histories and newly open for public viewing. Retracing the history of this important region is paramount in knowing the true roots of some of Great Britain’s deepest and most secret mysteries. These archives are now at the whim of all who want to use them for personal and academic research. Newport County, via Gwent is newly restored, compiled and accessible to the general public.

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