Peebleshire County Wales Public Records

Peeblesshire County, Wales Public Records Office

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The National Archives
Kew, Richmond,
Surrey, TW9 4DU

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Telephone Number:

+44 (O) 20 8876 3444

Online Records:


NRS research rooms are open at 9 to 4:30pm from Monday thru Friday. You can order records until 3:45pm. It is recommended that you call in advance when it comes to pertinent records.

Services Offered:

Records on History, Non-conformist church, church, Established church, Census, Peebles Free, Prison, Civil Registration, Probate, East church, West church and Peebles.

The parking is not free in the area and your required a permit to park. There are cafes, but the best restaurants are minutes away. You can try registering online or register at the front desk. You will need an ID when entering the area.

You can purchase books written by parish ministers on the internet. Their website at All you need to do is select browse. You will find more available information at Family Ancestral Library. There is also the Civil Litigation Records that they provide when it comes to the information you are looking for.

Other Online Records:

There are three other online records that can be utilized. One website that has Geneaological information dating from 1841 to 1911 is You will find testaments from 1500 to 1901 through their database. They provide indexed digital copies as well.

The second website is You can find tax rolls, maps, survey name books and plans.

The last website is It is where the Scottish Archive Network testaments from 1500 to 1901 are located. You can get as much as 20,000 historical record regarding information on Scotland by utilizing this website.

If you need to find out more about their services and the information they provide, then you will definitely find these websites useful as well as

There is also a short and direct information about Scotland regarding its capital, largest city, official language, government, prime minister, population, birth rate, death rate, literacy, chemicals, business services listing, electrical and instrument, mechanical, total area, islands and coastline. They have all these information available for you as well if needed.

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