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County Hall, LD1 5LG Llandrindod Wells.

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Radnorshire County is known to be one of the most historic counties in Wales and is duly-represented by Powys. It is surrounded by Montgomeryshire and Shropshire to the north and by Cardiganshire to the west. The county’s public records office is found in New Radnor, Llandrindod Wells.

How was the council formed? It was established in 1888 by the Local Government Act of the same year and held its first ever meeting on January 31, 1889. When it was first founded, the Radnorshire County Council did not have its office and was used to holding its meetings at the Pump House Hotel in Llandrindod Wells which is now with the Powys County Council.

What records can be found there? If you are trying to find public records which include your ancestral history as well as the records on medical, academic, and other pertinent public records, you can scour for them at this office. For a breakdown of records that you can locate in the public records office, you can check the council minutes including assessment committee minutes, taxation licenses records, and departmental records covering 1883-1971. The council is mainly responsible for administrative duties such as planning for road and bridges, county buildings, county rates, and licensing.

In addition, the Radnorshire County Council is tasked to archive records on special committees covering periods from 1940-1943 including the General Purposes Committee and Standing Orders minutes from 1889-1974. The 1929 Local Government Act transfers other responsibilities to the council which may include but are not limited to public assistance such as elderly care, relief operations, law hospitals, and infirm children. This change in allotting duties and responsibilities paved the way for the council to perform other tasks apart from its original designation to keep or archive public records.

There are certain conditions to access information on public records and those include the Powys Archive Office restriction rules on data security and protection. In connection, you can also check the conditions about reproduction of such records in the county council office as well. You should take note that standard regulations on copyright applies. When finding aids, you can check out a hard copy that is available at the Powys County Archives Service.
For more information about the Radnorshire County Council, you can head to their official site at http://www.powys.gov.uk or alternately contact them at cwsmer@powys.gov.uk. Otherwise, you may send an inquiry via snail mail or visit them at County Hall, LD1 5LG Llandrindod Wells.

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