How to Search UK Public Records

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How to Search for Public Records in the UK

If you are dating someone and you want to see their public record without having to ask them any personal questions or if you want to see a public record of an old friend or a family member, then you can search for any public records online. Before you are able to find any records you have to do the researching, and then you can find that there are several ways to search for public records online.

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All you have to do is type in public records in your UK search engine and you will find out that there are thousands of results. By clicking on the first one, that means that it is the most popular result and you will more than likely find what you are looking for. Some websites have categories to make your searching easier and will take a lot less time than going back to your home page to be more specific when you are searching.

One way to search more specifically is to search by name. Whichever website you are on you should be able to see a place where you can click to begin searching. You may have to type in their first and last name. It may also require you to type in their location. If you do not know where they are currently residing, then all you can do is take a guess and see what comes up.

You may know exactly what their location is because you may be currently dating that person or you may still keep in contact with your close friend or family member so you could search by street name. The information you would type in this category would be different because you are looking for street names. You can either type it in or check to see if their is a drop down arrow with several different street names listed. That’s all you need to find that person’s public records.

Another great way to search for public records would be to search through an online catalog and you may have the option to either search through the catalog or you can browse through it. Searching or browsing through an online catalog would be just like calling for information to see where there address is except online you will see that their whole record will come up. The whole point in searching through public records is to be a little more cautious or to get back in touch with a family or friend.

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  1. Hi,

    I know someone who went to prison in or about 2005?I want to see why they went to prison.A copy of criminal charges etc.The link here when searching takes me to ‘Find my past’ which does not have those records?It is imperative that I have access to these records.Can you help or point me in the right direction?

    1. Hello Diane, and thank you reaching out to us. For your particular situation, you might consider contacting the UK National Archives with your inquiry about how run a criminal record report. Criminal Record Research

  2. I am trying to find my father’s cousin. I have his name and last known address, but can’t find how to learn if he still lives there. He is not listed in any telephone directory that I can access…HELP! My dad is 92, and not in the best of health, so it is important formeto find his cousin..

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