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Would you like to learn more about another person? Do you wish you could carry out a background search before meeting them? Indeed, this is something that everybody can do in the United Kingdom. It can even be carried out from the comfort of your own home. It is relatively simple to access public records and find out information about another person. Often, it does not matter what the reason for this background search is. Itis about knowing where to look for details on an individual.

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What Are Public Records?

UK public records are information documents that are recorded and stored by different government departments and agencies, as well as by the NHS, British armed forces, and the court system. Public Records Search in the UKIn other words, UK public records are compiled by the government and other organisations and the public has the ability to gain access to them for the information they need. This allows for freedom of certain information when you are finding out about an individual. Indeed, the Freedom of Information Act 2000 created a right for you to access UK public records. They can be anything from paper and digital documents to photographs and videos.

What Type of Information Can I Access From Public Records In The UK?

Anybody can access UK public records as soon as they are created thanks to the Freedom of Information Act 2000, which fully came into force in2005. Older records used to be closed to the public for 30 years. This Happened if the information about a person was disturbing and may have caused distress to readers. This can still happen and there is some information that is exempt from UK public records. For instance, this can take place for national security and defence and if information may prejudice international relations. However, there is a lot of information that you can access when you are carrying out a background search on a person.

Birth Records

The General Register Office (GRO) is responsible for holding birth records. This may be useful for finding out the birth date and age of the person you are searching for, as well as where they were born.

Criminal Records

There will be a fee and certain rules for accessing criminal records. But You can view the records of any individual in England, Scotland, Wales And Northern Ireland. This can be useful for hiring a new employee screening someone for renting as a tenant.

Death Records

Unfortunately, we are not always aware of when someone we know dies.
You may have lost contact with a friend or family member. Either way,
you can search for death records in the UK to see if there is information on
someone’s death. Normally, these details are held at the General Register
Office (GRO).

Divorce Records

Information regarding divorces is part of the public record. In other words,
you can find details of a divorce when you conduct a search. But you
should have some basic details to begin this search and be successful. In
particular, if you know when the divorce was filed or the location of the
divorce, this can locate the details faster.

Marriage Records

The National Archives Will have marriage records available to access. In
addition, there is going to be information on civil partnerships. You can
find information on when an individual was legally married and who their
current partner is.

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